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Grand Theft Auto: Deleted Scenes(aka GTA: DS) is the project about updates and DLCs of Grand Theft Auto series. Each game has its own mechanism and advantages but also disadvantages, so it won't go further than their mechanisms.

Each content has various features like missions, characters, vehicles, loations, etc. Some of them is free and others is not.

List of contents

2D Universe


  • Top Down City
    Free update for new features like missions, minor updates and etc.

3D Universe


  • Liberty City Inside
    Free update for new features like vehicles, outfits, minor updates and etc.[1]
    • Freedom of Speech
      Assassinate high-ranking members and associnates of each gangs and suppress their grudges. Players can unlock 'Hostility OFF' option.

GTA: Vice City

  • Vice City Heists '86 DLC Pack
    • Birth of Pink Swan
      Players now can play gambling in Piranha's Pool Casino, newly added at the Vice Point Langer. Also players can do Heist in there and remodel it as The Pink Swan casino.
    • Alpha and Omega
      Rob and blast Pastor Richards's big yacht named 'The Ark', new place added at the north of Vice Point.

GTA: San Andreas

  • San Andreas Adventures '92 DLC Pack

GTA: Liberty City Stories

NOTE: Because there's no contributor for those articles, they'll be scraped and newly written with other theme.

HD Universe


  • Liberty City Revelation
    Free update for new features like vehicles, safehouses, minor updates and etc.
    • Now players can access in (nearly?) EVERY vehicles, weapons, activites imported from EFLC.
    • Stealth mechanism is imported from GTA: SA and GTA V.
    • Melee fight is enhanced with button combinations and QTEs. For the examples of button combinations, see fight scenes in True Crime: Streets of LA.
      • TBA!
    • Story missions are updated.
      • Mission replay is imported from TBOGT. But there's no 100% objectives in GTA IV and TLAD.
      • Story missions in GTA IV are revised for harder difficulty.
    • Side missions and other features like interactions are also updated.
    • New clothing stores are added. They can be unlocked only by meeting random characters and complete their favors. For more information, see Liberty City Revelation/Customization.
  • Sleepless in Liberty City DLC Pack
    • Cousin's Cavalier - After Roman reconstructed his taxi firm, he newly hired dispatcher Radojka Sreckovic who also moved from his motherland, Serbia. She'll give Niko taxi missions, so players have to take Cavalcade in Roman's new depot located at East Holland[3] and bring passengers to their destinations.
      Unlike previous Roman's Taxi Driver, all destinations will be decided in random and these missions can be played infinitely. Also, note that endings don't affect this missions because they'll keep work nevertheless.
    • Arrival of Avenging Angel
      After events in GTA IV, Niko Bellic realized how he was used in various crimes foolishly. So he started his own warfare on crimes by the name of Avenging Angel, to save and keep innocent people. Players can read articles and add comment to start each missions in hidden forum.
      Inspired in The Equalizer (2014).
    • Done in 60 Seconds
      A small garage wants to hire Niko as mechanic. Players can repair, deliver and deal vehicles. Some customers will try to sell vehicles in bad conditions (including like dirty, connected with crime, smells like pigpen, etc.), on the other hand, other customers will request specific conditions (including class, color, etc.).
      Inspired in Vehicle Cargo.
    • Overtime Operations - After completing The Fixer's Assassination and some times later, players can take more jobs from another fixer, Don Melton. These jobs can be played infinitely, but they requires more precise actions.[4]
    • Big Picture
      Nicole Willows, reporter of Daily Globe, wants to hire Niko as reporter. Players now can take photos with actual(not phone) camera. To earn reward from company, Niko have to find scoop by following hints, take photo and write article. Rewards will be changed based on players' choices during writing.
      Inspired in Photo Opportunity, See the Sight Before Your Flight and Gekisha Boy (PC Engine game).
    • TBA!

The Lost and Damned

  • Disorganized Crime DLC Pack
    • Contact: Brock Tellburg
      Brock Tellburg a bent cop and friend of Jimmy Matthews and Ed McCornish, contacted with Johnny. But unlike his friends, he suggested Johnny to attack other gangs for his promotions and promised some rewards including money and seized bikes. Johnny have to help Officer Tellburg for gaining his performances.
    • Contact: Odie Keable
      Clay and Terry finally met Johnny and insisted him for reviving their chapter, since young members - especially Odie Keable, their leader - still wanted to follow their leader. Johnny wasn't interested in his gang anymore, but he also still wanted to help his friends. Johnny have to meet his young followers and make their retired pension by stealing the big fronts of The Commission.
    • Outrage
      After disorganization of The Lost's Alderney Chapter, Johnny cut all connection with others and took time for himself with drunk and drug for a while. But the truth was already spread and his old enemies jumped on. Johnny must kill them all and find peace again. Note that Johnny can't(actually, won't) call his best friend Clay and Terry for these missions.
      Inspired in Rampage and Survival.
    • TBA!

The Ballad of Gay Tony

  • Party's Not Over DLC Pack
    • Contact: Kenny Petrovic
      Kenny Petrovic, boss of Petrovic Petrovic Mafiya, wanted to hire Luis as his mercenaries after he heard about the fall of his rivals - Dimitri Rascalov and Ray Bulgarin. Luis didn't believe Petrovic because of Bulgarin's madness, but agreed to help him for Russian customers and legal connections and thought those will help renovation of clubs.
      Inspired in Mafiya Work and Car Jack City but remaked as harder.
    • Contact: Jinan Maamoun
      Yusuf Amir wanted to help Tony Prince for expanding his businesses but labor union couldn't help them because most of them were still extorted or killed by Ancelotti Family and unknown assassins. So when Jinan Maamoun, one of their new leaders, asked for help Yusuf easily agreed because she was also Arabic - but mostly, he thought it will help public to be changed positively to him and his projects to be started again.
    • Labours of Hercules
      Luis heard some complains from Troy that sometimes gay club Hercules was attacked by LGBT haters including bikers and local gangsters. To make Troy keep working at there, Luis agreed to clear those scoundrels one by one.
    • TBA!

GTA V & Online


Outdated articles


  1. Note that this update will import engine from GTA: Vice City and changes lots of things.
  2. Because of map's size and lack of functions, I won't make many missions. Most of them will be limited until 4~5 missions like original story contacts.
  3. It's at the block where players can find Leo Brodell(Most Wanted) and Vespucci Circus LTA. Of course, players can find unused and dirty Roman's Taxi at behind the depot.
  4. Maybe it'll include all canceled updates of killing mission like Most Wanted, new contacts' missions and others. Shit, let's make Niko and others as one man army.
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