※ This is novel universe, not game universe. So some differences can be occured.


  • Lime text = Protagonists
  • Cyan text = Supporting Characters
  • Crimson text = Main Antagonists
  • Salmon text = Secondary Antagonists
  • Dodgerblue text = Law enforcements (except corrupt cops)
  • Yellow text = Minor Characters
  • Fuchsia text = Territories, Landmarks
  • Orange text = Shops, Companies, Organizations
  • Teal text = Primary Events
  • Skyblue text = Secondary Events

Liberty City


  • Events of Grand Theft Auto 3 is occured.
    • Liberty City Bank is robbed by Claude Spears and Catalina Sosa, Miguel Rivas, Gil Lugo(Gunman of Catalina, deceased).
    • Claude and Boris "8-Ball" Mullan are arrested, but escape from LCPD.
    • Callahan Bridge is damaged by a bomb of Colombian Cartel.
      • Torre Grossa Construction(Front of Cisterna Family) and Panlantic Construction competes with repair of that, but Panlantic wins.
    • 'Chunky' Lee Chong killed. "Triads-Leone War" is occured.
    • Les Cargo, drug ship of cartel, is blowed("Bomb da Base") by Claude and 8-Ball.
    • Salvatore Leone is killed. "Operation Lionheart"(LCPD's anti-Leone family operation) is began.
    • Yorick Tanner is killed. "Operation Shima"(LCPD's anti-Kasen gumi operation) is began.
    • Kenji Kasen is killed by Claude.
    • IAD of LCPD begins inspection about Ray Machowski. Leon McAffrey is killed("The Wheel of Corruption") and Machowski move from Liberty City to Vice City.
    • Donald Love disappears or kidnapped.
    • "Maria's Retirement"
      • Catalina kidnap Maria Latore. Asuka Kasen and Miguel Rivas are killed by Catalina. Catalina is killed by Claude.
      • Claude shoots shotgun to shut up Maria's mouth. Maria move from Liberty City to Las Venturas for living in seclusion.
  • Mayor Miles O'Donovan is reelected for a second term.


Vice City


Vice Islands

San Andreas

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