Vice City

  • Vice City Coronation
  • Riding is...
  • In the Air Tonight
    Ballad of Tommy Vercetti and Victor Vance. Tommy wants to make love 'truly', and Victor remembers his brother and 'wife' and others.
    Note: This chapter is going dispute about 'official'.
  • The Next Generation
    New protagonist, Camillo Escariz appears.
  • Peacemakers of the Caribbean
    Appearing of 'zombies'. That means slaves of Haitian and Loonies' drug.
  • Man from the South
  • Peacemakers of the Caribbean: Part 2
    Tommy, Victor, Umberto, Mary-Jo Cassidy, Haitians. How can they make peace?
    Note : This chapter is going dispute about 'official'.

San Andreas

  • The Ball Boy
    Death of Brian Johnson. And how CJ become hating Frank Tenpenny?
  • Behind the Introduction
    More explanations which not referred in "The Introduction".

Liberty City

  • Printer's Devil
    Tommy's flashback about his early life and his father, Eugenio Vercetti, meeting with Sonny Forelli.
  • The Harwood Butcher
    The truth of incident which Tommy killed 11 peoples in Harwood, Liberty City.