Grand Theft Auto: Elkton Crossroads game set in 1996. You control Earl Bishop in Elkton Crossroads, the captial of the state of Coventry, a city based on Atlanta, Georgia. It is set in the 3D universe. It was release in July 24th 2005 on ps2 and May 2nd 2006 on pc and xbox.


Earl Bishop has just arrived at the Elkton Crossroads International Airport from Liberty City. After working for the mafia they have betrayed him. The Antagonist is Joseph Bianchi, Don of the Bianchi Family. Joseph has hired Earl to do all his dirty work then almost killed him by attempting to shove him down a tall cliff with a car. Earl is now has to survive in Elkton Crossroads, and his father lives there, so he can hopefully help Earl.


Missions in Grand Theft Auto: Elkton Crossroads