Grand Theft Auto Fokyo

Template:Grand Theft Auto chronology Grand Theft Auto: Fokyo is a 2015 fanon game in the Grand Theft Auto video game franchise. It was developed by Rockstar North for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

The game takes place in a fictionalized Tokyo (named Fokyo in game). It follows four protagonists (Takara, Mitsunobu, Daisuke, and Umi) after an unsuccessful heist 18 years earlier in 1997. The four are ex-Yakuza members who left the gang in 1996 (in a soon to be followed Fokyo Stories).


  • Henri Vito Virlogeux
  • Robert Clotworthy
  • Carrie Fischer
  • Roy Conrad
  • Robert Costanzo
  • John Cygan
  • Richard Epcar
  • Mike Erwin

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It revolves around a protagonist (Takara) finally meeting the other three protagonists (Mitsunobu, Daisuke, and Umi) since their unsuccessful bank robbery 18 years earlier (in 1997). After they meet again, you have to do 4 missions for a protagonist before you unlock said protagonist.

Following that, the 4 begin working for a small gang named "Dokutā yarō to kare no gōkan (Dr. F***er and his Rapists)". You rob a watch store, steal and sell 5 expensive cars, among with various other tasks before the founder Sato Owara begins abusing them.

After killing Owara in the following mission, you begin doing missions for criminals nearby. They ask that the four must massacre the roads of Shitubya (Shibuya). After the mission, Umi is shot by Sato's brother in a kōban disguise. The other three are sent to jail by the police.

The next mission introduces a new protagonist, named Haruka, who successfully frees them. Haruka then tells the others to destroy the Olympics Stadium being built, which they plan to use the parts to craft and sell weapons. After the attack, they end up on the Most Wanted list by the country. They then meet Ai, who wants them to rob the Karin headquarters.

After said heist, they discover they are the four top spots on Hakan's most wanted. They then abuse Ai for his actions, leading to Ai giving you 3 ending choices (a. Kill Takara, b. Kill Mitsunobu, c. Bomb rival gangs). Either way, Ai will battle you after your choice. The four then tell the cops what happened, then the credits appear.


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Vehicle List

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Weapon List

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Radio Stations

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Features introduced in Grand Theft Auto: Fokyo

  • Added a 4th story character
  • 50% of buildings are accessible
  • 200 or more missions
  • Car interiors can now be seen
  • Map size is almost that of real life Tokyo



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