Grand Theft Auto: Japan Wars is a game in Grand Theft Auto Series developed by Rockstar Tokyo and Rockstar Games. The game was released on November 26, 2015, on XBOX ONE and PlayStation 4. The story takes place in Tokyo(東京) and Kanagawa(神奈川) in 2015. There are two protagonists, Hiroshi Yamada(博志 山田) and his lover, later a spouse, Jane Baines. Hiroshi is first a lower grade in the Hiroguchi-gumi(広口組), a Yakuza group, but he fights against enemies such as the Triads. He is the son of the top of Hiroguchi-gumi, Tadashi Yamada(正志 山田).


Beginning of 2015, Hiroshi and his father Tadashi attends a conference with the Triads about their relationship. They thought that this should be a new way to solve the gang attacking problems. But, someone in the Hiroguchi-gumi accidentally shoots one of the Triads. Then they were to be chased by the Triads.

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There are 72 main missions. Like GTA V, weapons can be unlocked after completing missions. A full list of missions can be found at Missions in Grand Theft Auto: Japan Wars.

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There are many Japanese vehicles and less American vehicles due to the fact it is based in Japan. There is a full list of vehicles in Vehicles in Grand Theft Auto: Japan Wars.

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