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Rocky Soundtrack - No Easy Way Out

Rocky Soundtrack - No Easy Way Out

Grand Theft Auto V: King of The Hill
Publishers Rockstar Games

Playstation 3

XBOX 360

Engine Rage 2.0
Protagonist Miklos Lipton

Los Santos

Blaine County

Setting HD Universe

Grand Theft Auto: King of The Hill (also known as GTA: KoTH), is a special downloadable content for Grand Theft Auto V exclusively on the Playstation 3 and XBOX 360. The episode features a new storyline, and a new protagonist, Miklos Lipton, a Merryweather soldier. The game takes place during the events of GTA V.

KOTH was released 2.1.2014 and holds the average score of 99/100 on Metacritic and has won several Game of The Year Awards. Jack Thompson gave it 0/100, but nobody takes him seriously.


Straight from Afghanistan, Miklos Lipton has arrived in Los Santos, San Andreas to work as a mercenary in Merryweather Security. The only job a former soldier can possibly get. With his new friend, Perry Harris, Miklos decides to climb to the top of the corporation and take the entire criminal underworld of Los Santos under his control. But in order to do so, he must first take care of several powerful factions on his way including; Triads, Aztecas, Armenian Mafia and a mysterious organization called NightHawk.

Easier said than done? There's only one way to find out.

Story and Missions

Storyline & List of Missions in KOTH

Chapter I

Miklos arrives in Los Santos to get a job he was offered in Merryweather. Miklos gets to train his military skills and makes his first allies.

Chapter II

Miklos executes Perry's plan to gain respect, fame and power by taking over the criminal underworld of Los Santos. With the help of his new friends, he's about to put the Armenian Mafia in their place.

Chapter III

Miklos protects his relatives from his new enemies, while fighting against the Los Santos Triads.

Chapter IV

Miklos struggles with the differences of two of his gangs, while being forced to work for international terrorism group NightHawk.

Chapter V

Betrayed, Miklos needs to find out is he a worthy leader at all.


Main characters

  • Miklos Lipton - The playable protagonist of KOTH. Former US Military soldier who served in Afghanistan and seceded after an incident, that costed the life of his best friend. Miklos has now arrived in Los Santos to work in Merryweather Security. It's the only job former soldier with suspicious past can get.
  • Perry Harris - Miklos' new friend in Merryweather. Outspoken, gruff man with the mind of military genious. Due to his possible insanity, Perry's "subversive" plans aren't taken seriously, and he feels like his skills are wasted as a mere rank-and-filer. He persuades Miklos to start his quest to take over the criminal underworld of San Andreas.. and later betrays him to rank up in Merryweather.
  • Sgt. Otto Matic - Miklos' new boss who doesn't like him a one bit.
  • Thomas Lipton - Miklos' cousin who lives in LS. 
  • Victor Sax - High ranking member of Aztecas. Victor is the first gang leader Miklos makes friends with and he helps Miklos defeat Armenian Mafia
  • Alan Nazarian - Armenian Mafia capo. One of the gang leaders Miklos faces on his journey to become the ultimate crime lord of Los Santos.
  • Tatsu Hsiang - Triad boss. One of the gang leaders Miklos faces on his journey to become the ultimate crime lord of Los Santos.
  • Lincoln Jones - The mysterious leader of NightHawk, an organization that secretly controls half of the world's criminal activities. He's the only person on earth that can be classified as a "super criminal".
  • Jenni Taylor - An actress Miklos saves from a biker gang and starts relationship with.
  • Michelangelo Lipton - Retired master thief. Miklos' father.

Minor Characters


Unsurprisingly, KOTH's gameplay is similar to GTA V and its other Episodes. There's only one protagonist, so the character wheel has been removed.

Side Missions

Along with the story missions, there's several side missions that reward changes repeatedly.


The game features a large variety of weapons, that can be modified in Ammu-Nation stores. King of The Hill also includes several stealth-missions, where the area must be cleared from enemies by using stealth executions, that can only be committed with melee weapons. To have some variability, new melee weapons were added to V's weapon list. Rockstar has said that the stealth parts were influenced by their Manhunt series.


There's no new vehicles in King of The Hill. Just all the same GTA V has.


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