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When the time is come, one person would do anything, but they do some activities.

Grand Theft Auto: Last Stand, also known as Last Stand and GTA: LS is an action-adventure, third and first-person shooter game developed by Rockstar North and published by Rockstar Games. The game also comes with a Multiplayer mode, which is called Last Stand Multiplayer. In Last Stand Multiplayer, the player can use any model they want or create a custom one to use it as a character.


Grand Theft Auto: Last Stand earns a whole new expanded world since the last world expansion of Grand Theft Auto V creating new environments, such as Shawnee (Pennsylvania) and Huron (Ohio).

Gameplay Overview

is an action-adventure game played from either a third-person or first-person perspective. Players complete missions—linear scenarios with set objectives—to progress through the story. Outside of the missions, players may freely roam the open world. Composed of the State of Shawnee open area, including the fictional city of State of Huron. It may be fully explored after the game's beginning without restriction, although story progress unlocks more gameplay content.

The game features brand-new physics and massive details, said to be "at least more than enough for a next-gen game." The game also has file compress system, so it will not eat much storage of the device.

An example of the gameplay in Last Stand

In the game, the player has the option to customize the four protagonists' wardrobe and appearance. There is less customisation available compared to that of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (e.g. changing the body mass of the 4 characters isn't available as it was with Carl Johnson in San Andreas). The availability of tattoo parlours, barber shops and the ability to apply and remove facial hair has returned from GTA San Andreas after being missing from previous titles in the HD Universe.


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Chapter 1: Starting It

The location takes place at the streets of State of Shawnee, where Ralph Wright takes a bus ride starting from between Shawnee and Huron borders while the bus is going and ends at the Shawnee Bus Terminal.

Then, he takes a taxi ride and goes home. Ralph meets his girlfriend, Kate, checks out his house and he understand what to do here, after all the latest moments he beared witness to. Next day, he goes to the 24/7 to buy the groceries from the store, and goes back home. Then, Ralph started meeting with Michael Vance, who says that he started to play darts with him. Ralph appreciated playing darts, and started meeting John Wilson in order to go to the pool, with Kenneth Johnson to play bowling, and of course, Juan Martinez, who tells Ralph in order to deliver his special package to his friends.

Juan wasn't really happy, and even started to panic after he sees that some members of Nassau Youth Posse gang vandalized his house in retaliation for his attack on them, and Ralph heads to the South-West Nassau County with Juan to kill them and take over their arms dealing business as well. Ralph has decided to follow his ''bully's'' to his apartment secretly, then Ralph kills him and his backup. He meeted his friend Paul Martinović, and started playing arm wrestling and wins the battle.

Later, Paul, Ralph and Eddie are chasing a member of Huron Lions gang who had been caught cheating with Paul's wife. Afterwards, Paul, Ralph and Eddie tears down a house that the member was hiding in. Ralph started meeting Paul's friends, who are named Dean Markanov, Dwayne Rogers, Phil Goldberg, Issac Song and Robert ''Bobby'' John Garfield. Paul is being caught by Tarasov Bratva members and starts to do some dirty work for Gregory Tarasov. Paul has to work with Gregory in order to pay the sins for what happened to them previously, by his friend, Ralph Wright. He started to steal a ''hardware package'' and delivering them to their warehouse.

Gregory didn't feel happy and he was disappointed about Norayr Khachatryan, an Armenian crimeboss, has been ambushed in Shawnee Docks. Paul has started to take out the enemies and he started to rescue and send Norayr to Tarasov Bratva's warehouse. One night, Norayr tells Paul to take out enemies via drive-by and practice his shooting skills. Paul decided to do it and he starts to be good at practicing shooting skills. Once again, he takes out enemies via drive-by, once again, but with more heavier weapons and vehicles. Then, he takes out the enemies on foot and sends Norayr back home.

Paul later meets Dean Markanov in his office. Dean wants Paul to look at customers reports and respond. When Paul looked at the customers reports and he responds to them, it goes very well. He goes to get rid of an hostile gang two times. First, he takes an blue Obey Rocoto from the rival gang and drive it over the hostile gang. And, he also parked a bomb-rigged truck into a warehouse of a hostile gang. Paul starts racing with Norayr in the streets of Shawnee, and he goes very fast in a car. Paul finishes first and it goes good. Norayr has to meet his girlfriend. Suddenly, an enemy gang members were going to kill both of them, but Paul kills the members and he protects him and his girlfriend at all costs.

Meanwhile, Gregory wants to launder Norayr's money, but the police is still watching them. Paul must move the police away from the washers, controlling the Securicar until the wash is complete. Gregory even wants Juan Martinez and Paul Martinovic to pay him up for what they did to them in the past. They will have to work with him and his right-hand-man Norayr Khachatryan, in order to ''pay up''.

Norayr finds the smuggling route for Marchetti Gang. He goes into a chase and blows up their boat, then they will drop the package. If Paul collects each package, more reinforcements will come and attack, but Paul kills them. He later steals a drug shipment from Shawnee Supreme Clan and he follows Norayr's brutal enemy, Nick 'Hammold' Harold, who killed his friend, Robert Karapetyan. Paul is going to look out for him for what he is doing now. He is driving a yellow Lampadati Omerta sedan. Then, he starts to chase and kills Nick Harold in a high-speed car chase. Paul Martinovic says to Norayr that he needs to meet his friends at least for once after all these jobs. Norayr on the other hand, tells Paul to imminently come back again for more work.

Paul starts a meeting with Francis Jackson at a nightclub party in Price 2 Prince, where he meets Mario White, Issac Song and Dean Markanov. Paul starts to play arm wrestling with them and he goes to have a little fun in here. One night, he once got a phone-call from Phil Goldberg, and he was not happy. Phil said that his girlfriend was kidnapped from the onslaught of members of the Irish Mafia. Paul decided to save his girlfriend from the Irish Mafia members, and he takes her to Phil's safehouse.

Chapter 2: Hard Work


Side Characters

  • Michael Vance (American): Ralph Wright's business partner and his friend.
  • John Wilson (American): A good friend of Ralph Wright.
  • Kenneth Johnson (American): Another good friend of Ralph Wright.
  • Juan ''John'' Martinez (Mexican-American) Ralph's one of old friends.
  • Dean Markanov (Russian-American): Paul Martinović's business partner and his friend.
  • Dwayne Rogers: A friend of Paul Martinović who''s betrayed Paul and the Minor Antagonist of the game.
  • Phil Goldberg (American): A good friend of Paul Martinović.
  • Issac Song (Korean-American): Another good friend of Paul Martinović.
  • Robert ''Bobby'' John Garfield (Canadian): Paul Martinović's another friend and the leader of RBJJ Corps.
  • William ''Billy'' Ion Romano (Italian-American): Business partner of Edward Flores.
  • David ''Dave'' Floyd (American): A good friend of Edward Flores.
  • Francis Jackson (American): Another good friend of Edward Flores.
  • Mario White (Italian-American): A good friend of Edward Flores and the owner of Mafiasauce Resturant.
  • Timothy ''Tim'' Parker (Canadian): A corrupt cop and a Minor Antagonist.
  • Alfred ''Albert Fisher'' Fischer (German-American): The CEO of Little Lacy Surprise and the Minor Antagonist. Killed by Paul Martinović due to his evidence of pedophilia.
  • Seth McKenzie (American): The Minor Antagonist who sold Paul and Ralph out during the meeting.
  • Derrick Bernstein: Kristen's Father-in-law and the Main Antagonist.
  • Harold Bonzi (Italian-American): Leader of The Bonzie Mafia gang and the rival of Mario White.
  • Gregory Tarasov (Russian-American): The Leader of Tarasov Bratva.
  • Vincent McDonald (Irish-American): The leader of Irish Mafia.
  • Harry ''Nashkowski'' Krupa (Polish-American):The Leader of Polish Mob.
  • George Hill (Canadian-American): The leader of Shawnee Bulldogs gang.
  • Jack Shapiro (Jewish-American): The leader of Shawnee Jewish Mob.
  • Henry Smith (African-American): The leader of Nassau Youth Posse.
  • Norayr Khachatryan (Armenian-American): The Leader of Shawnee Kyarts and the friend of Gregory Tarasov.
  • Kevin Lesnar (American): The Leader of Shawnee Supreme Clan.
  • Lester Harris (American): The Leader of Shawnee Eagles.
  • Luca Marchetti (Italian-American): The leader of Marchetti Gang.
  • Johan Williams (African-American): The Leader of Huron Youth Posse.
  • Hank Stewart (American): The Leader of Huron Lions gang.
  • Thomas Jakeson (American): The Leader of Angels of Death: Huron Chapter.
  • Franklin ''Frankie'' Benedetti (Italian-American): The Mafiaso who took over the Leone Family and re-newed it in Huron.
  • Adam Garcia (Mexican-American): The leader of Viento Angels: Huron Chapter.
  • Shawn Carlson (Hungarian-Canadian): The Leader of KMH Gang.
  • Daniel Peterson (British): The CEO of Vapid.
  • Vadim Nikolaev (Russian-Jewish-American): The CEO of Little Bitchz Inc.
  • Hank Wilson (American): The CEO of Didier Sachs.
  • Ronald Smith (American): The CEO of Excelsior.
  • Alex Simpson (American): The CEO of Backside Skateboards.
  • Mikhail Volkov (Russian-American): The current manager of Starfish Resort and Casino.
  • Amaro Neuville (British-French): The CEO of Rabbit.
  • Bayram ''Robert'' Özdemir (Turkish-Swiss): The CEO of Luofost.
  • Aaron Johnson (American): The CEO of Pets Overnight.
  • Lawrence King (Jewish-American): A Jewish actor who's known for being the best Child-Teenager Actor in early-mid 80's and known for acting the Brad from Twilight Knife movie. Voice acted by Paul Heyman.
  • Sharon Cooper (Jewish-American): A Jewish actor who's known for being the best Child-Teenager Actor in early-mid 80's and known for acting the Cindy from Twilight Knife movie. Voice acted by Marcy McGuigan who voice acted Ilyena Faustin from GTA IV.
  • Todd Nelson (Canadian): A Canadian actor who's known for being the best Child Actor in mid 80's and known for acting the Danny from Knife After Dark. Voice acted by Thomas Lyons who voice acted Francis McReary from GTA IV.
  • Dmitry Sokolov (Russian-American): Dmitry is an actor from Moscow, Russian SFSR. Voice acted by Gregory Korostishevsky who voice acted Bledar Morina from Grand Theft Auto IV.

Legend - Mission Radar Blips

  • RW - Ralph Wright
  • PM - Paul Martinovic
  • EF - Edward ''Eddie'' Flores
  • KJ-M Kristen Martinovic
  • MV - Michael Vance
  • JW - John Wilson
  • KJ - Kenneth Johnson
  • JM - Juan ''John'' Martinez
  • LR - Dean Markanov
  • DR - Dwayne Rogers
  • PG - Phil Goldberg
  • IS - Issac Song
  • RG - Robert ''Bobby'' John Garfield
  • WR - William ''Billy'' Ion Romano
  • DF - David ''Dave'' Floyd
  • FJ - Francis Jackson
  • MW - Mario White
  • TP - Timothy ''Tim'' Parker
  • SK - Seth McKenzie
  • DER - Derrick Jones
  • PG - Alfred Fischer
  • ✆ - Phone Assassinations
  • ? - Strangers & Freaks ( []? when identity revealed, [] standing for a letter)
  • HST - Heist Setup
  • H - Heist

more to be added...

Internet In GTA: Last Stand

Much like every GTA game from IV onwards, GTA LS has its own internet. This is a list of some of the websites.



Contains all vehicles from the Grand Theft Auto IV, EFLC, V, Online, some of it's the DLC's. and with new vehicles too. They are some examples of the new vehicles in this game:

Mammoth XL - (Hummer HX)
Derman Chavush - (Otokar APV)
Derman Zilant - (Otokar Akrep)
Coil Taranis - (Tesla Model X)
Bravado Howitzer - (Dodge Magnum SRT-8 2008)
Bravado Express - (RAM Promaster City 2016)
Bravado Buffalo S Retro - (Dodge Interpid 1998)
Dinka Jester Type-S - (Honda/Acura NSX 2017)
Emperor Aspire - (Lexus SC300/400 1997)
Bravado Bison Classic - (Dodge D Series 1965)
Bravado Recursion - (Dodge Stealth)
Obey Argento - (Audi 100 Avant [Typ 4A])
Benefactor Vibri - (Mercedes-Benz A-Class Series)
Bordeaux Annie - (Renault Clio)
Timur Vice 510 - (Temsa TS 30)
Brute Stygian - (Dragoon 300)
Maibatsu Mule XL - (GMC T6500 Heavy Duty)
Derman Spike Mk.I - (Otokar Cobra 1997)
HVY Cerebral Assassin MRAP - (International MaxxPro Navistar MRAP)
Benefactor Räuber - (Mercedes Axor Military Truck)
HVY Streak - (Stryker)