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Gramd Theft Auto: Los Santos Stories is an expansion pack for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas released for Playstation Portable, PS2, PC and remade for PS4 and XBOX One. It adds Bar Fights, New Weapons, New Vehicles and Air Racing. The story centers around David Michaels, who is seeking revenge for his brother. It has recieved mixed reviews. It was released on 2005.

LS Stories


"1992, Los Santos - full of people and crime,  which wanders everywhere in the streets. All Gang members travel everywhere in the town of Los Santos, a starting of gang war, and for they all dignity of humanity, or atleast, so they thought."

A 19 year-old man, David Michael, has left Liberty City and went on Los Santos, seeking for revenge from his brother, Douglas Michael, he's just like a mad man who's solving his brother's death and will know  who killed his brother. His parents went too Europe for vacation for 2-3 years in Fedinburgh. By now, David is his own disipline guy, and continues his life, no matter what it takes to him.




Los Santos Stories was met with critical acclaim from most critics, except Jack Thompson, as per usual.