More of them is an upcoming game that will be released in Gamejolt.


Some years after Roman's death, Niko gets a phone call from the Yardies, the Yardies tell Niko to steal a TV Van and take them to the location where some Ancelloti Gang Members, they manage to do the shoot-out and Niko takes them back to their meet up spot and leaves.

Niko meets up again with the Irish Mafia and does a few missions for them however, after a heist going wrong the police arrest almost all the members of the Irish Mafia so Niko leaves Liberty City and moves to Apllingan City.

There he meets a criminal called Fred Clinton and together along with 3 other men do a heist in the bank of Apllingan City, after a few missions for Fred, it is revealed that Fred was trying to kill Niko this whole time by giving harder missions each time, Niko kills Fred and decides to go back to Liberty City.

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