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Grand Theft Auto: New Arlieans (GTA NA), is a game in the HD Universe and in the GTA series, developed by Rockstar North and Rockstar Toronto. The game takes place in New Arlieans, Cavelier and the story's about Bandile Driscoll, a South African-Scottish-American that has recently moved to New Arlieans with his family, but he'll start to get into criminal works. 


New Arlieans, 2005. Bandile Driscoll and his family find the perfect place to look for works, he finds a work, but his boss Will Fitzgerald is killed by the "Kings O' The Land" because his boss' son Johnson "Joe" Fitzgerald was against the gang and they want to end with his happines and life ,so this gang start to follow our protagonist, rivals of that gang start to make contact with him to end this little gang, and he and Joe will revenge Will.


Welcome to New Arlieans #1

Brandile Driscoll finds work as a bartender in Da Funky Club.

Didn't Expect #2

Will Fitzgerald dies is killed in a shooting in Da Funky Club started by FU the "Kings O' The Land" leader, Brandile stays in Da Funky Club until the police and Joe (Will's son) arrive, Brandile and other 2 men are interviewed by the police, at the end they have no proves, so they let Bran go.

A Brand-New Starting #3

Joe tells Brandile why Will was killed.



The gameplay's almost the same of GTA V, the only difference's that the buildings and places have inners.


The weapons has all the weapons of GTA V, Chainsaw, Katana, Butterfly Knife, Meat Cleaver, Sword and Ruger.

Radio Stations

New Arlieans has 8 radios:

Brand New Pop Hits - Plays Pop