Grand Theft Auto: New Blood is a video game set in the fictional city of Yamayako. It was released sometime during 2020. 


The Year is 2020, and in the city of Yamayako, The Yakuza rule the city with an iron fist. When Shoji Kinjo's Fiance is killed by the Handa-Kai, the most powerful Yakuza in the city, Shoji sets out for revenge by working for their rivals as a skilled gunman.

Major Characters

Shoji Kinjo- The main protagonist in the game. Shoji was once a caring man who lost his Fiance to the Handa-Kai. Now he is a cold, and bitter man who will not hesitate to kill anyone who gets in his way. 

Ukyo Tachihama- The Main Antagonist, and leader of the Handa-Kai. Ukyo is a long-haired man who was the one responsible for the death of Shoji's Partner. He is a force to be reckoned with. 

Noriyori Nakai- Once a promising Surgeon, Noriyori had his lips sewn shut by The Handa-kai after witnessing a murder, and the Tertiary Antagonist.  

Keiji Arata- The sadistic hitman behind the murder of Shoji's Fiance, and the right-hand man of Tachihama himself, and the Secondary Antagonist. 

Old Man Jo- Leader of the Koga-Kai, the second most powerful Yakuza in the City, And as the name says, He's quite old.     

Ara Sakuto- The Deceased Fiance of Shoji, and the driving force behind His Vendetta.     

Nitemare- A Former Hitman who assists with all of Koga-Kai's Affairs.