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Nexus City ARC 4: HELL AS PORTRAYED BY KIRIKOV is the second DLC for Grand Theft Auto: Nexus City, releasing around the same time as Grand Theft Auto: ARC 3. This one is a prequel to ARC 3, taking place during the Leningrád Incident in early 20492.


408 years before ARC 3, we see the start of a crisis in Leningrád as a certain corpse that hasn't aged very well gets shot down above the city by a mysterious Russian Mafia with past connections to an old enemy that was wiped out. They know he wiped out Atom Corp, and they are out for revenge. Find out how the crisis will go in ARC 4.


  1. Into the Void: Blake and Katrina find themselves stranded in a forest after crashing the OPT Superior due to a missile hitting it.
  2. Kirikov Intervention (JOHN, VIKTOR & SKYLER ONLY): Meanwhile in Nexus City, John Dawson and Viktor Laurentiu both find themselves in the same situation while being evicted from their homes by the Kirikov Bratva. They decide to ally for the time being, with the help of Skyler Evergreen.
  3. Enter Leningrád: Blake and Katrina, now temporarily equipped with a Pertidus, enter Leningrád in search of allies. They come across Ari Sargsyan.
  4. Shadow Death (A): Blake and Katrina are tasked with killing David Vasiljevič to gain Ari's trust.
  5. Digamma: Blake finds a garage where he can fix the Superior. He also loses his eye in a minor incident.
  6. Mafija Life Po Russkij: Blake reports various drug manufacturing spots to Ari, who tasks Katrina with eliminating them to slowly cripple the Kirikov Bratva.
  7. Auto-Repair: Blake slowly but surely builds up a shopping list of parts for his project car. Among them is an 8.2L V14 Biturbo from an Emperor LandEater.
  8. Rosenthal: Volodymyr Rosenthal arrives in Leningrád at Blake's request to work with Ari. On their way they are attacked by Kirikov Bratva members.
  9. Scanning the Vault: Ari and Volodymyr work together and find a vault belonging to the Kirikov Bratva filled with all their cash. Blake is sent to examine it.


  1. Auto-Repair 2: Blake continues repairing his car.
  2. The Kirikov Raid Setup: Setup for Kirikov Raid, split into 3 missions.
    1. Crew: Recruit crew members.
    2. Machinery: Obtain a tank from nearby military base.
    3. Disguise: Obtain disguises for the crew.
  3. The Kirikov Raid: The heist crew raids the Kirikov Bratva's vault and steals all the money.
  4. Tomorrow's City: John and Skyler enlist the help of Jay, who has just returned from his vacation.
  5. Yesterday's Pain, Tomorrow's Lesson: Blake meets Ari again, for another favor. This time, he must assassinate multiple higher-ups in the Kirikov Bratva.
  6. Falling Free: Valdemar Kirikov discovers Blake's presence in Leningrad. He puts a hit on his, Katrina's and Ari's heads. They must defend themselves from the oncoming Mafiya men.
  7. Through the Roof: Blake finds a Kirikov Bratva member trying to sabotage Vladimir Sidorovič's workshop. He must chase down and kill the member in question.
  8. Into Empty Depth: Viktor enters Leningrád to deliver Blake a shipment of proton bombs manufactured by Kennedy Industries. Kirikov Bratva attacks Viktor and Blake must defend the shipment.
  9. The Ensuing Blackouts: Valdemar Kirikov attacks the Leningrád Central Nuclear Fusion Electricity Plant, causing City-Wide blackouts. Ari's base of operations is affected, and Blake must restore power to the city by restarting the Reserve Generators at the Fusion plant.


  1. Slaves of Fear: Ari, with power restored to her house, works to cripple the Kirikov Bratva even more than the Sin Phi Collective already did.
  2. War for the Blackened Earth: The Sin Phi Collective declare full-on war against the Kirikov Bratva. This alarms OPT, whose leader, the son of Blake K. Johnson XIII, attempts to snap Blake back into his senses.
  3. BODY//PRISON: Harald B. Johnson XII, now realizing that this war will help OPT stand unopposed, backs the Sin Phi Collective's war effort.
  4. ENDLESS ENDLESS ENDLESS: John and Skyler, having witnessed the Kirikov Bratva bombing the Juhannus Tavaratalo, go to the OPT Mansion for help from OPT.
  5. ULVENES FAR: Blake finally finishes the Digamma, fitting it with the last components, the Positron Cannons. He uses it to plow through a crowd of Kirikov Bratva members at above the speed of sound while they are trying to go for him.
  6. MORITŪRĪ TĒ SALŪTĀMUS: A made man of the Kirikov Bratva defects to the Sin Phi Collective. His name: Dmitar Miloševič.
  7. BLOODSPORT: Now that the Sin Phi Collective has a lead into the Kirikov Bratva, they can finally get closer to their goal, or can they?
  8. FLIGHT OF SIN PHI: The Sin Phi collective return to Nexus City, with Ari, Vladimir and Dmitar in tow.


  1. WELCOME TO NEXUS CITY (AGAIN): The Sin Phi Collective arrives at Nexus City.
  2. KIRIKOV'S LAMENT: Jay returns from the Isle of Man, and immediately regrets returning upon seeing the situation that the rest of his group got itself into.
  3. ROYAL DIADEM: Now that Jay has returned, the Sin Phi Collective forces the Kirikov Bratva out of John and Viktor's houses.
  4. IF HE'S STALKING YOU: The Kirikov Bratva attempt to bomb the OPT Mansion, but are fended off by a bloodthirsty Blake K. Johnson XIII, who literally tears them apart limb by limb.
  5. HELL IS THE SWEETEST PLACE TO HIDE: After that, Ari Sargsyan finds the Kirikov Bratva's last vault, and multiple missile silos. She breaks through their defenses and successfully disables the silos, clearing the pathway for Blake and John to infiltrate the vault later.
  7. BLOOD MACHINES: Blake notices his sanity dwindling. Unable to do anything about it he resigns himself to becoming unhinged.
  8. ENJOY THE SILENCE: Blake attacks a Kirikov Bratva base of operations in Liberty City.
  9. TACTICAL PRECISION DISARRAY (ARI ONLY): Ari realizes that her Leningrád base is still unguarded. She flies back to Leningrád to protect her home, but finds that it is too late. She rampages against the Kirikov men who took over her house.


  1. THE FINAL SHOWDOWN BEGINS: Ari returns to Nexus City, devastated at the loss of her house. She orders a missile strike on the Kirikov Bratva base of operations in Leningrád, as revenge.
  2. WELCOME TO MY WORLD: Dmitar Miloševič is kidnapped by the Kirikov Bratva as revenge for betraying them. Viktor and Ari attempt to save him, and manage to do so in time.
  3. I AM THAT I AM: The Kirikov Bratva are almost bankrupt. Immediately they start stockpiling and rationing their weaponry in case the Sin Phi Collective drains the last of their money.
  4. KIRIKOV RAID 2: The vault found in CHAPTER 4 is raided by Blake and John.
  5. PAIN (BLAKE ONLY): Blake finally snaps, and believing the Kirikov Bratva to be weak, attempts to take them by himself. This horribly backfires.
  6. WE, SO TIRED OF ALL THE DARKNESS IN OUR LIVES (EPILOGUE): The Sin Phi Collective put an end to the Kirikov Bratva forever.


With all but Valdemar Kirikov seemingly dead, Blake and Viktor go in for the kill, but that is stopped. Several more Kirikov men arrive, shooting Blake through the chest countless times. Viktor is forced to look on in horror as one of his closest friends is seemingly killed, although he already knows what will happen next.

Blake comes back. More energy. More hate. More uncontrollable rage. Enough to make even Skyler flinch. In an instant 50 of the 300 men sent by Kirikov are atomized as Blake unleashes an energy sphere from his left arm, all the while cursing the Kirikov Bratva in Finnish. Katrina then steps into the room, but immediately upon seeing Blake's mental state, she cowers into the corner of the room with Viktor, looking on in fear of what her husband became.

Blake continues his murderous spree on the Kirikov Bratva men, and eventually, when the last of them are killed, he starts searching for Valdemar Kirikov. He finds that Kirikov had not only escaped, he went out the north-facing window. He runs to the window, summons the Digamma and takes off, with Katrina and Viktor in tow, following Valdemar Kirikov to Nexus City.

An aerial showdown begins, and Blake shoots multiple missiles at Valdemar's starcruiser, which fails to protect Kirikov from the last hit. Kirikov and his starcruiser crash into the Earth at approximately 932km/h, mortally wounding him. Blake exits his car, and proclaims his victory, shortly before shooting Valdemar Kirikov through the head, ending him.

After that ordeal, Blake collapses from overexertion, and is driven home by Katrina. A few hours later, Blake wakes up completely sane again. He then invites all the Sin Phi Collective to his house to celebrate the victory, and the DLC ARC ends.

Legend: Mission Radar Blips

  • B: Blake
  • K: Katrina
  • D: John
  • T: Jay
  • S: Skyler
  • V: Viktor
  • A: Ari
  • J: Harald
  • M: Dmitar
  • R: Juhani
  • H: Heist
  • VR: Volodymyr
  • VS: Sidorovič



  • Sin Phi Collective (Protagonist)
  • OPT (Deuteragonist)
  • Sidorovič Automobile Restoration Systems



  • Kirikov Bratva (Antagonist)



  • OPT Digamma (Full Size Hyper)
  • Ansahmanut'yun Yerevan (Extended-Length)
  • RUNE Patroller (Mid-Size)
  • Vulcan Ingot XC (Mid-Size)


  • Obey Aurum (Mid-Size)
  • Kyongsun Vance (Compact)
  • Bordeaux-Lyon Quattorze (Full-Size)


  • Kyongsun Vance SW (Compact)
  • Bordeaux-Lyon Quattorze RXh (Full-Size)


  • Kyongsun Advance GT
  • Turka YN-7 Coupe


  • Pegassi Infernus LP-2000-4 (Grand Tourer)
  • Vulcan Ingot RX (Sports Wagon)


  • Karin Box
  • Vapid Mover
  • Jobuilt Camper


  • Declasse Lowered Cabover (Small Truck)
  • Vapid Novaline Cutaway (Cutaway Van)
  • Benefactor Devastator LWB 10x10 (Off-Road Heavy Cabover Truck)
  • Vulcan N1000 (Heavy-Duty Conventional)


  • The intro music is Terrible Lie by Nine Inch Nails.
  • The credits music is Into Empty Depth by The Last Hour.
  • The Kirikov Bratva return from Light & Shadow, and are revealed to be allied with what used to be Atom Corp.