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Grand Theft Auto: No Liberty
Developers Rockstar North
Publishers Rockstar Games
Platform XBOX ONE, Playstaion 4& PC
Engine RAGE
Protagonist Andre Bryans & Daniel Lloyd
Location Liberty City
Setting 2015
Grand Theft Auto: No Liberty is a title in the Grand Theft Auto series of games. No Liberty takes players back to Liberty City and Alderney in 2015. The story revolves around two protagonists; Broker based Andre Byrans and Daniel Lloyd from Tudor, Alderney.

Synopsis and Storyline

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No Liberty revolves around two protagonists and shows a much grittier side to Liberty City. One of which is Andre Bryans, a small-time drug dealer from Broker, who is looking to make it big in the city. He is accompanied by his best friend and partner in crime; Trevor Coleman. Trevor gets the pair into a lot of trouble, which sets in motion Andre's half of NL's events.

Over on the other side of the map, Daniel Lloyd has just been released from the Alderney State Correctional Facility; after ten long years of incarceration. Daniel has had a dark, long history of criminal activities in multiple cities and upon his release, he is looking to start afresh. Unfortunately for him, his old cellmate Jermaine Smith begins to run into trouble himself and needs Daniel's help.

These stories intertwine to form the plot of No Liberty. The main theme of the game is "the pursuit of the American Dream", and to what lengths people will go to in order to make a name for themselves. Like all other Grand Theft Auto games, the storyline of NL is explored through missions and side missions.

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