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Grand Theft Auto: Russia is a game released by Rockstar Games and developed by Rockstar Japan and Rockstar Leeds. The game is released in 2018 on PS4 and Xbox One and in 2019 on PC.


The game takes place in 2036 in whole Russia during Cold War 2.


The protagonist is named Boris Gluchonievsky(Russian: Борис Глукхониевски) and is normal gopnik, who got mistakenly taken as western spy. He is 5' 5" tall, wears Heat track pants (only at the start of the game, it can be changed by the player in later gameplay) and has short hair (changeable too).






It is normal Russian morning in Mostow(Russian: Моства), which is a parody of Moscow. Random gopnik, Boris Gluchonievski, squats in front of shop selling vodka. Unaware of this, two Federals mistakenly take him as western spy (due to having Crapp cap) and is kidnapped. He is then held at some government place. He says, that he isn't a western spy. They feel bad for causing so many psychological troubles to normal man, so they let him go, but because of acknowledgement of the organisation, he needs to work for them. He needs to fight American spies and gets betrayed, dumped on Solberia, circles whole Russia, including the Asian side, and finally kills betrayer by pushing him off of the tip of the highest tower in Mostow.


The game got rated 96 on Metacritic and 94 on IGN.


Due to the big size of the map, the player has the possibility to fly planes, helicopters, drive cars, motorbikes and explore the underwater world with big submarines used by the army.


The player has multum of weapons including nuclear warheads, which can be used as a mean of transport.