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This is a very great game which looks like San Andreas, but it is in HD Universe!

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Living, commonly known simply as San Andreas Living or abbreviated as SAL is a video-game developed and published by Take Two Interactive, id Software, Rockstar Games, Rockstar Studios and Private Division in January 2021. The game is released for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox ONE, Series X & S, PC and Nintendo Switch in January 19th, 2021.

The game broke industry sales records and became the fastest-selling entertainment product in history, earning $800 million in its first day and $1 billion in its first three days. It currently holds the best score of 97/100 on Metacritic and IGN.

There's a multiplayer called (SALMP) San Andreas Living Multiplayer, which the player can use any model if they want or they can create a custom one that can use as a new character.

The San Andreas map, with all locations divided in.


An American 21-year old named Kevin Johnson recently became a gang member of the Families in 1996 to Los Santos Experts. He took over Alexander in the Prologue, and takes over the dangerous criminals and gang members to challenge Michael Monroe. The game has over 80 missions, including minigames, side-missions and collectibles to get to the 100% completion.


On December 2018, Rockstar confirmed that the game would take place in the state San Andreas, with San Fierro included, and the surrounding countrysides - in a statement on their Newswire:

We begin to do a HD Universe edition of San Andreas, with the word Living, following Kevin Johnson taking missions. The game will take place in State of San Andreas and the year will be 1997. The Prologue mission is taking place at the year 1993.
―Rockstar Newswire

Developed by series creator Rockstar North, Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Living heads to the State of Los Santos and the surrounding hills, countryside, cities and beaches in the largest and most ambitious game Rockstar has yet created.

We introduced a same map of GTA V, with countrysides, surrounding hills, beaches and cities included. San Fierro is included also, cause this game takes place in the State of San Andreas, with the same map of Los Santos and Blaine County.
―Dan Houser about the game's development

Dan Houser stated that the GTA V map was the same San Fierro returns to the HD Universe, with the counties are back. The developers are working on a developement with the map of San Fierro and the other counties, with the playable 3D-arcade minigames for the player.

Characters and Premise

Main category: Characters in San Andreas Living

Los Santos is back, alongside of San Fierro, Juds County, and other ones with beaches and cities. In 1997. The Families member named Kevin Johnson, goes to a town of the crime that always has to meet most partners. He goes to the deep side of the town, and goes to face Michael Monroe. As they take this gangster of Families and Los Santos Experts, to the hills of the good shot to meet his partners or closer friends, like Valeri, Manitor and other friends. Kevin didn't know why the Families are in the 1990s, but in order to make Kevin to be a gangster, he could be a member of the gang.
―Game description on box

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Living features one protagonist, Kevin Johnson, so the player switch is deleted, but it is available for Manitor and Valeri as 2 playable protagonists in the robbery and raiding missions.


Kevin Johnson: A 21-year old African-American guy who was born in 1975 and raised in Liberty City. His obsession is the cars and speed due to his father being a race-driver. He must defend and save his friends, his mother and other factions, whom noticed about why he has excellent skills in shooting.


Manitor Kondo: A retired Vigilante who has catching criminals on the streets of San Andreas. He now helps with Kevin to fight most enemy gangs and help police officers to stop the criminals. Manitor also works as a mechanic as well.


Although it is not specifically stated when exactly in 1997 the game takes place, the following evidence suggests May - September 1997:

  • There is a poster of Grand Touring for DegenaTron with its slogan "No homo, that came out in May 1997".
  • A Kokeshi Gang member says that "Should we put the Jake the Rapper stickers on our car? The stickers came out in June."
  • One of the posters of LSPD in The KCF Resident says "We're in July, my bro."
  • According to the description of the Kaeru, it says "In August, we told the right members that this dream came here".
  • A sign in Paleto Bay says "Rally de Paleto will have a 20th anniversary race in August."
  • A Maibatsu poster says "A Sanchez would know how are in August?".
  • In the 100% completion, the T-Shirt is unlockable which says "All I did is I stopped every crime and all I got 100% in September."

Gameplay Overview

San Andreas Living has the same gameplay of Grand Theft Auto V, is an action-adventure game played from a third-person perspective. Players complete missions—linear scenarios with set objectives—to progress through the story. It is possible to have several active missions running at one time, as some require players to wait for further instructions or events. Outside of missions, players can freely roam the game's open world and complete optional side missions. There are also side-missions and Strangers and Freaks missions for the player to complete.

Like in Grand Theft Auto V, player control the character: Kevin Johnson. There's no switch button to switch characters, but only available in raiding and robbery missions for Valeri and Manitor.

Players use melee attacks, firearms and explosives to fight enemies, and may run, jump, swim or use vehicles to navigate the game's world. There is a first-person perspective option when using vehicles. In combat, auto-aim and a cover system can be used as assistance against enemies. Should players take damage, their health meter can be fully regenerated by eating, using medical kits, or calling for paramedics. If players commit crimes, the game's law enforcement agencies may respond as indicated by a "wanted" meter in the head-up display (HUD). On the meter, the displayed stars indicate the current wanted level (for example, at the maximum six-star level, efforts by law enforcement to incapacitate players become very aggressive).


In the game, there is the character customization for the protagonist. Players can buy clothes from clothing shops such as Binco for example, or even unlocking an outfit completing a mission. Also, barber shops are accessible to get a haircut for the protagonist, and tattoo shops are accessible to get a tattoo like in Grand Theft Auto V. If players can save the game, the protagonist's customization will stay on.



Originally, Rockstar Games had heard from Take Two Interactive, to make a development of San Andreas Living in January 2019 and finishing in January 2021, with one protagonist. It is a Fanon and a similar gameplay development to GTA V, with no connections to the Grand Theft Auto series.

There are a lot of features in the Grand Theft Auto series. Developers decided to keep these to adding the 3D-arcade playable games to the players in the series, with French cars featured and driven on the streets, which makes the game fresh and new, pushing Rockstar to release the game on January 2021. Extreme weapons were added in the game. However the land mines and railguns were planning to make an appearance in HD Universe, but both are cut to make San Andreas Living realistic similar to the 90s.


Main Article: Missions in GTA San Andreas Living.


In 1993, the Families gang member Kevin Johnson has brought groceries in 24/7 shop. He was going to his car but when Alexander Frank knocked the window and threatened him to ruin his life and his family. Kevin refused and shot Alexander in a stomach, speeding away in his car and Valeri sees him going home. However, Alexander was arrested later for threatened to kill Kevin. When Kevin goes to his safehouse, he was watching a commercial break, said that his mother was going to be a police officer.

First Meeting

Kevin was waking himself up, then he was watching a TV, but he was called by a Portuguese guy by the name of Valeri Santos, said that he knewed his name and called the cops on Alexander for a threat. However, he was meeting him and Manitor Kondo on the garage, however Kevin was tired of meeting people and was going home appearantly. However, he came back watching TV and drinking a Sprunk soda. When he was called again, Manitor talks to him if he likes cars and he would be a friend of him alongside with Valeri.

CHAPTER 1 - Welcome to San Andreas

Same shit happens, we need to get on the fucking hood, n***a.
―Kevin talking to Valeri

After the meetup of Valeri and Manitor, Kevin decided to make a meetup life by starting a couple of gang members in Los Santos. He takes himself too tired, but Valeri let Smith Hopkins helping Kevin to practice gun shooting in order to shoot the beer glasses. The results of his gun practice was very excellent for him, as he started to meet the Los Santos Experts and the Families to defeat the gang members of Los Roujas. Meanwhile, he meets Manitor and talks about where he heard that a member of Yakuza named Kenichi Tedder. He saw Kenichi stealing a gray Torero, causing Kevin to chase him. After the chase, Kenichi loses control and causes into a car accident.

Valeri once arrived and got angry at him for the road accident, before Kevin needs to spare to Kenichi or killing him. Meanwhile, Kevin once arrived at the Karin Motor Company dealership to meet the Karin Motor Company members. He heard that he will drive the 1985 Karin Futo and follow his mother on her FIB Kuruma. When the results were good, Kevin later meeted his mother for the first time and he started to meet the Asian-American racing crew, named Kokeshi Gang of course, who are the crew known for street racing in Japan.

One night, Kevin had begin to discover about a stolen car, but the criminals had made Kevin busted, and his mother helps him taking over the criminals to get out of here immediately. After his mother helped him taking over the criminals, he talked with Manitor about he was surrounded by criminals, but his mother rescued him by taking them out with the action of the help.

CHAPTER 2 - Running The Families

Kevin and Valeri had talked both about the Ballas shootout, as they both greeted Manitor to talk about the Ballas. Once the Ballas arrived with the green Classique Sabre and the purple Voyager, they started a shootout and Kevin wipes them off with an Shotgun and helps Valeri and Manitor.

After the shootout of the Ballas, he looked at the illegal drug that was in a secret suitcase, but it turns out that it is a "false cocaine" which is now a flour, which led to Kevin being unhappy, but he decided to make sure everything was safe as possible.

One day, Kevin was testing a 1993 Vapid Excellent sedan and storing it to a garage carefully. When he was looking for a idea to kill the leader of Los Roujas, he was going to disturb the Los Roujas member's peaces. Fortunately for Kevin, he decided to kill El Monstroso after he speaks Italian, leading to El Monstroso thinking that he is a "black Italian man", when Kevin is actually African-American. Meanwhile, Valeri and Kevin both planned to disturb the funeral of El Monstroso. They both recruit the Families to attack the members of Los Roujas.

Later, LSPD officers heard that El Monstroso died and "he lost his power" after he was trying to kill Manitor in the garage and commiting many crimes in years. Meanwhile, Kevin gets a note from Michael Monroe, saying about Aaron left the police, being a pervert, and taking the illegal drugs, which led to Kevin starting to kill him during a car chase.

One night, Kevin starts taking a Police Cruiser and ran over 30 members of the Ballas gang, which caused him to have a 4-star level, but he tooked a civilian car to a Los Santos Customs garage to modify a normal car. When Kevin takes a good job for killing 30 members of the Ballas, he and Bucky had go to the Otto's Autos to show the popular car, the Karin Kuruma in San Fierro.

CHAPTER 3 - Pleasure

Meanwhile, Kevin had to do a swim to drive-by on a boat. Then, he discovers that the FIB are investigating an drug that was hidden on the Hydra. He later kills all the FIB officers and starts stealing an Hydra to park it in the airport. Then, he later goes to a duel race against a modified Kaeru. He decided to win in a race after the Kaeru lost control and crashed. He later realized the driver was his mother. She is proud to see his victory, apperantly for having good driving skills.

Meanwhile, Kevin and his crew are going to see a San Fierro casino named The Triads of Five Dragons, he and his crew appreciated it. Unfortunately, Kevin got very mad that the Ballas are going to take over the Families. He started to get the Integrale-47 and gets rid of the Ballas in order to rescue the Families, and drops them to his safehouse. He later started to do the work for the FIB with Valeri and Manitor to stop the robbery attack, and the trio protect the pedestrians to see if they are okay. They go to an order to take the four sports cars to get loaded on the Packer.

Kevin didn't believe that he knew that the robbers were the both Los Roujas members. Unfortunately, Bucky had betrayed the Families and left the members almost in doom. Kevin started to confront Bucky and started to kill him for the situation. Kevin then gets a meetup with a mechanic named David Herbert, to win a street race by beating a customized Kuruma in a race. The Karin Crime Family are having an illegal drug which was taken to their safehouse. Kevin vows to kill the members of the gang and takes an drug from them.

Later, he was helped by an underboss of OPT, Blake Schumacher. They both recognized the 1995 Kuruma was brought by the boss of the gang. He goes to attack the KCF members, then he got it stolen and parked the car in Otto's Autos. He has to make sure to follow Ziraldo's spookometer and take a photo of it closely, before he will most likely catch him, and to spy on Ziraldo with his Stockade.

Suddenly, the Los Santos Police Department are about to lose the controlling the protection of Los Santos, which led Kevin to protect them from the Karin Crime Family, by shooting the members of the gang. After the LSPD was saved from the meltdown, David would later need Kevin to save Barbara and assasinate The Boss of the Karin Crime Family. As a result, the Karin Crime Family was been wiped out and their cars were never seen.

Meanwhile, he goes to burn down the 20 cannabis and goes to a trip to go on San Andreas to congratulate the police officers. A big trouble happened is, Foucault was in a big disaster when the Yakuza members are going to attack him. This made Kevin going to drive Valeri's Tamagon GT, in order to save Foucault and fighting Yakuza in back. Foucault needs to tell Kevin if he is good at flying. He said yes, so he goes in order to practice flying in aircrafts and planes, so he will most likely fly good in planes and helicopters himself. He was helping with Foucault, in order to investigate the drugs in Michael Monroe's house, to prove him his actions, such as blowing up the Cartel drugs to prove Officer Michael's DEA, then chase and confront him.

PRO 1: FINAL CHAPTER: The Goodness

One night, Kevin starts having an deal with an kingpin Paul Zuckerberg, but the deal didn't go well due to the police starting to chase him, which led to Kevin started to lose the heat and goes to the crew to look at the suitcase. Valeri discovered to Kevin that the Viento Crime Family are taking over the 'hood' of Los Santos Experts, he started to help Valeri to recruit the members of the Families, and helping them defeating the Viento members.

Later at night, Kevin gets a phone-call from Foucault, that he wanted to assasinate the member of Marabunta Grande, Erechim Matias, for most of the crimes that he caused in the 1990s. He takes the orders to follow the Families and vows to stop gang wars, to prove Officer Michael to show the allegations about his actions and his drugs.

Kevin vows to start to assasinate the 13 members of the Ballas with a sniper rifle, and of course, protecting Barbara to kill the Marabunta Grande members. Los Santos Experts are in urgent, to Kevin's horror, he goes to help and save the Los Santos Experts, so the Families will defeat Klinger Family from the ambush. One night, Kevin and the Families are meeting the Kokeshi Gang to defeat the Hippies, and they started attacking the members of the Ballas, which led to Michael Monroe getting charged.

Due to an order for Kevin helping Valeri to defeat the members of the P.A.G.E.R., Kevin has to leave anybody with no choice, but he has to stop the gang war of the shootout and kill the Aztecas in order to face Officer Michael's crimes, and he goes to caution for the drivers of Argentos losing control to crash, to make sure that the Families will be safe.

Finally, Kevin has the last thing to do. He goes to get in a Securicar, and kills the members of the drug dealer. He later helps to the Families winning the shootout against the Drugger member, William Daniel. One night, he goes to a green Packer, and goes to a vehicle chase to kill Michael Monroe, by hitting the firetruck, which led to Michael losing control in a car chase for his actions. Before he got in, he goes to a secret warehouse in Los Santos, and starts defeating Yang Hermes for the illegal crimes. When Yang is defeated, the police arrested him. When Kevin's crew were proud of the city is safe and protected, the Families are now happy, the P.A.G.E.R. is disbanded.


When Officer Michael was been injured in a car chase accident in a firetruck, Kevin says he has last words before Michael died. The crew are proud of Los Santos and San Andreas were protected, and the Families are now in protection, causing them to be proud for Kevin. Meanwhile, Valeri has a phone-call with Kevin, saying that he has interest with cars.

Kevin says he has, cause of his father became a race-driver. The next day, Kevin says to Valeri that he often recommends making good partnerships. They head into Kevin's Safehouse, where they talk with Families, Los Santos Experts and the Kokeshi Gang. After the events and heading to the safehouse, Kevin will most likely retire from the Families gang, and decided to relax.

Legend - Radar Blips

  • KMC - Karin Motor Company
  • BS - Blake Schumacher
  • VS - Valeri Santos
  • MK - Manitor Kondo
  • DH - David Herbert
  • 🏁 - Street Races
  • ☠️ - Rampages
  • ✆ - Phone Assasinations
  • BJ - Barbara Johnson
  • ? - Strangers & Freaks ( []? when identity revealed, [] standing for a letter)
  • LSPD - Los Santos Police Department
  • OM - Officer Michael
  • F - Foucault
  • B - Bucky
  • H/FIB - Heist/FIB
  • KG - Kokeshi Gang
  • LSE - Los Santos Experts
  • 🏠 - Buying Property (Kevin's Safehouse had the same icon)
  • T - Taxi
  • LSIA - Los Santos International Airport
  • VG - VideoGeddon
  • 🎯 - Ammu-Nation
  • S - Shops

There are also three colors that signify which protagonist does which mission.

  • Kevin - Dark Green
  • Valeri - Orange (Only on Robbery, Heist and Raiding missions)
  • Manitor - Red (Only on Robbery, Heist and Raiding missions)


Main Article: Gangs in San Andreas Living

Like gangs in other games, there are factions in this game. This is a comprehensive list of the main factions.

Protagonistic Factions

Neutral Factions

Antagonist Factions

New Features


  • The player can now travel to San Fierro, Juds, San Tiago and/or more in LSIA.
  • The player can get a ride in Taxi cars, or having a ride in the Taxi Xpress.
  • A map is the same from GTA V, with the State of San Andreas added.

4 Game Modes

  • Story Mode
  • Free-Roam
  • Director
  • Online-Multiplayer


  • A brand new Cellphone interface makes an appearance here. It's Character specific like Kevin uses a Celltowa V10, Valeri uses a Toshi S20-31, Manitor uses a Tenshun r32, Barbara uses a same S20-31 phone, and David Herbert uses the same Celltowa V10, with a green color. Instead of functioning like the GTA V phones did, it is controlled like in real life.
  • The battery on the phone synchronizes with the battery of the controller device.
  • The Wasted screen now shows when the player died. If playing as Kevin, the Wasted screen fades, and Kevin may wake up in a bed at the Hospital, the player may get a ride in a Taxi.
  • There are 3D-arcade games available and broughtable in bars, stores or even safehouses. The DegenaTron is seen in Kevin's Safehouse.
  • The properties can be brought by the player.

Street Racing

Main Article: Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Living/Street Racing

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Living, has street racing, like many other games. However, since it takes in the 90s, the vehicles that take part in the races are race-car-powered by tuning divisions, like in Initial D, Midnight Club, Test Drive, Wangan Midnight, Gran Turismo, Need for Speed, Formula 1, World Rally Championship, DTM, JGTC, and Fast & Furious franchise. Due to the advances in technology, the speeds regularly achieved in the races regularly exceed 250km/h or 300km/h. As a result, city streets like those in San Fierro and Blaine County are unsuited to Street Racing. San Andreas, which was established in 1781, is suited for high-speed racing as vehicles race along the roads at 300km/h.

The player can participate in street racing, if they are in an custom vehicle that is capable of reaching at least 300km/h (such as the Karin Sultan RS, Benefactor Pulsar & Progen PR4).

Hobbies and Pastimes

The hobbies and pastimes are brought back in Grand Theft Auto V. Players can complete hobbies in order to get a reward.

  • Stunt Plane Time Trials
  • Street Races
  • Golf
  • Darts
  • Strip Club
  • Triathlon
  • Offroad Races
  • Flight School
  • Sea Races
  • Parachute Jumps


Like Grand Theft Auto IV and V, the game engine is a good hybrid, this time of RAGE, idTech7, Blender Luminous Studio. The map is entirely rendered with Blender 2.80, Vehicles, Items and Players/NPCs were mostly rendered in Blender, the id Tech 7 engine was used to obtain the Destructible Objects feature, RAGE & Source2 were used to make the environment outside of the buildings and Luminous Studio was used for Animations, Anti-Aliasing, Eye shader, Illumination, Lighting, Particles, and Physics.

Resolution modes are also offered.

  • 8K Mode (8192x4320 [1:90:1] resolution, effectively upscaled 4K Mode, PS5/XSX ONLY)
  • 4K Mode (4096x2160 [1:90:1] resolution)
  • CRT Mode (The aspect ratio is augmented from 1:90:1 [8192x4320] to 4:3, useful for old CRT TVs with low resolution)
  • HD Video Mode (The resolution goes down from 8192x4320 to 2560x1440, for TVs incapable of 4K or 8K.

Version Differences

If playing on a PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X, you get access to native 8K support. However, the Windows 10 Version has RTX Support, in part due to NVIDIA showing interest.

PlayStation Windows/XBOX Mac NS
Remote Play Yes (PS5 onto PS4) Yes (XBOX) No No
VR Yes No (XBOX)

Yes (PC)

Yes No
Keyboard & Mouse Yes Yes Yes No
Controller Yes Yes Yes Yes
Touch Partial (Touchpad) Partial (Laptop Trackpad) Yes (Trackpad) Yes
Online Yes Yes Yes Yes
Price $50.89 $50.89 $38.63
Size 10GB 1GB 10GB 10GB


Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Living has a full multiplayer mode, without lag or glitches on maps and gameplay, with full detail on everything. You can use any character model you want or create your own, which is inspired by Cyberpunk 2077. Plus, there are races which are inspired by Grand Theft Auto Online races. The car classes when choosing them are inspired by the WipEout series.


Like Grand Theft Auto: Nexus City, this game derives from the maintenance feature of Red Dead Redemption 1 mixed with RDR2’s realism. It is possible to add hair, however, due to advanced science.

Maintaining Kevin

The player needs to eat. Over feeding him will adversely affect his stamina but give him more health while under feeding him will give him more stamina but less health. Also, feeding him too much will make him throw up on the floor, or even make him less fat. In order to get muscles for Kevin, he needs to go to the Gym.

The player also needs to sleep for 7 hours to recover stamina and health.


Like Grand Theft Auto IV and V, there are media features such as internet, radio stations, phones, and arcade games, but this time, it is set in the 90s. There are also 3D-Minigames for the console to the player.


Main Article: Weapons

A lot of weapons in GTA V are returned to the game. In addition, special weapons such as the Tropos-Pistol, the Integrale-47, and others can be available to be brought in weapon shops for the protagonist. Armors are added in gun shops for the player to get protected.


Main article: Vehicles

For the first time in this game, the vehicles are in the city, which also included the Bordeaux vehicles seen on the streets of San Andreas. There are also special vehicles in the game, which these ones can be founded in some of locations around San Andreas.

Like all previous games, a wide array of vehicles spawn driving around the map that can be stolen. To give the game a sense of realism and make the map feel more alive, various vehicles (as well as pedestrians) spawn in scenarios to make them more interactive with the map, such as delivery vans pulling out of alleyways, emergency vehicles responding, or vehicles pulling in and out of driveways.


  • This is the first GTA game to feature vehicles manufactured by Bordeaux. It could be a possible reference to the French cars which are spotted in the places from United States, but given the difference between U.S. and European regulations, ordinary French cars cannot be driven in the United States. However, it left the country in 1973 due to insufficient sales and was acquired by Peugeot, which then left America in 1991.
  • For the first time in this game, this features Video-Game Consoles that have 3D graphics in the games, which are available for the player.
  • San Andreas Living has the ability to read the magazines in safehouses. There are also new abilities for the player, such as eating a food which is brought.
  • San Andreas Living is the first game in the HD Universe to not feature Lazlow Jones, which is because in real-life as of April 2020, after nearly 20 years, Lazlow no longer works at Rockstar Games. He is only mentioned in TV shows or radio stations such as The Clarkson Show.
  • San Andreas Living has similar mission structures to other Grand Theft Auto games such as heists requiring setup, as did the main heist in GTA: San Andreas and introducing characters by name. Also, most missions resembled ones from other GTA games such as like in the mission The Last Helper, a scene resembling in the last mission of GTA SA, where Carl has to kill Officer Tenpenny in a car chase, the mission The l' Accident resembles of that scene when in Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown, a mission "Street of Rage", where Huang Lee rescues Wade Heston who was bleeding and kills the Minigun Wonsu Assassin.
  • San Andreas Living contains various references to other franchises in this game. (Example: Bridge Racer - Ridge Racer, FOOL - DOOM - Ignition - wipEout - The Omerta Menace (movie) - Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace, Jake the Rapper - PaRappa the Rapper). It also has references to the popular 1991 film Boyz n' The Hood.
  • This game also has some of the special references to other games made by Rockstar.
  • Players can see animals in order to pet them, which is likely possible that Kevin Johnson likes animals.
  • The protagonist seems to represent a different Rockstar game. Kevin Johnson represents Midnight Club: Los Angeles, due to him being an ambitious young man with impressive driving skills. He also represents Manhunt and San Andreas, as he is a troubled retired, "gangster" with a criminal background and bullet-time ability.
  • One of the musics Bula Matari - "Taxi Drivers" (1996) was censored in the PlayStation 5 version, due to the swear words were interrupted by the bleep sounds.