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Grand Theft Auto: San Fierro Stories (Also known as GTA: SFS) is a Rockstar North video game which was released on April 2nd, 2015 For PS4, Xbox One and PC

The game was announced on January 2nd, 2014 and was released the next year.

Grand Theft Auto: San Fierro Stories is set in fall of 2011 and tells the story of Jack Steele and takes place in the HD universe

The game received positive reviews upon release. It received 78 on Metacritic and 88 on Gamerkings and getting 45 Perfect scores. It sold 4 million copies on release and 5 billion on Christmas.


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The game takes place in the late fall (November) of 2011 and follows Jack Steele as he returns to his native San Fierro and reunites with his family. He has been away from his family for 8 years and in those eight years he lived in Vice City and worked for legendary crime lord Tommy Vercetti and his brother Brian. He originally came back to San Fierro to set up Brian's operations in the bay area. But when he arrives he realizes that things are almost worse than they were when he left. The streets are caught up in a bloody gang war, he has a price on his head and his little brother has developed a drug addiction. The story follows Jack as he handles these issues while trying to keep Brian's empire expansion in mind as well.


The game takes place in The HD Universe version of San Fierro and its surrounding bay area. The cities metro area includes Ridgemont across the bay and South San Fierro located to the south-east of San Fierro.

Radio Stations

  • San Fierro Stories shares the same stations as Grand Theft Auto 5

Other Info


Features Introduced in Grand Theft Auto: San Fierro Stories

  • New Gunshop is known as "The Silver Bullet"
  • Minigames/Oddjobs and Past times
  • Gang Running
  • Businesses
  • Ownership will unlock San Fierro in GTA online


San Fierro Stories received positive reception.