Grand Theft Auto: Tales Of Cities is a spin-off game in the series. it follows the story of Michael Rogers (birth name Mahan Radmehri) a war veteran and an immigrant who want to protect his younger identical twin brother from danger and also get rid of his in-war commander and the traitor who sold out his unit to enemies. it is set in liberty city, los Santos, Blaine County, las ventures and San Fierro in early 2017 to late 2018 and flashback scenes are set in Michael's birthplace: Iran and his hometown Chicago, Illinois between 1995-2010. it features GTAV gameplay with heavy Improvements and new additions. though didn't "act like a bomb" like critics said and ignored by new fans and new generation gamers because of it's connecting to all of the HD and 3D era games, the game sold very well and received critical acclaim.

Grand Theft Auto: Tales Of Cities

Rockstar North

Rockstar Toronto

Rockstar San Diego

Pubilsher(s) Rockstar Games
Platform(s) PC,PS4,XBOX ONE
Engine RAGE 2.0
Protagonist Michael Rogers

Liberty City

Los Santos


Las Ventures

San Fierro


1995-2010 (flashbacks)

January 2017- 23 December 2018


Developers wanted to make a story similar to GTA IV but according to them they needed "a deeper story and protagonist with sarcasitic humor to real-world events and famous persons" they said GTA IV just put the player in doing "dirty works for dirtier persons, just for money".

Players experince the game through Michael's eyes, an extremly-deadly skilled and highly intellegent, ex-special forces elite commando, ex-U.S.A.F fighter pilot, ex-IAA special agent, ex-FIB undercover special elite agent and a war veteran. Michael dosen't want any money though he will take any dollor if the contact pay him. He just want to find out the traitor, the commander and protect his brother from dangers. However he will learn thourgh his journey that not only underground crime life has changed since war ending, even the way of living in normal ways changed since he was only a 10-year old kid who immigrated to america from iran with his mother and younger twin brother to a teenager who finished college with outstanding scores with earning a master degree in physics and another in mathematics at age of 15 and joining U.S airforce at age of 16.