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Grand Theft Auto: The Vinewood Chronicles or TVC is an expansion pack of Grand Theft Auto V for the PS3, PC, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PS4. It was released for download July 11th 2014. It features the life of Marcus Dwayne, a man released from prison who allies himself with Ned Doyle, a lawyer formerly in the police force now turned mastermind.


The Vinewood Chronicles takes place two years after the events of GTA V. The story centers around Marcus Dwayne, a prison release who aligns himself with a lawyer named Ned Doyle. While Ned guides him through the changed Los Santos, Marcus also shapes his own destiny in the process. Marcus encounters several characters along the way, good and bad. Due to the title the game mostly takes place in Vinewood Hills, where Ned had found Marcus a safe house.


Marcus Dwayne: A recent release from prison who was approached by lawyer Ned Doyle. Whilst Ned guides him, Marcus independently creates his own destiny before being faced with a difficult choice. Ned Doyle: A lawyer. Not much is known about Ned other than he helped Marcus out after he was released from jail and as such is affiliated with him. Tobias "Toby" Lawrence: A master hacker. Toby claims his skills date back to Middle School when he changed his exam scores. Toby met Ned sometime in 2013 and they have been together ever since. Ash Garrett: A former hitman for hire kind of guy who later become a gunman for heists. He is a personal friend of Ned's and is quick to help him.

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