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"Developed by newly founded Rockstar Swindon, Grand Theft Auto: Wars In The West heads to the State of San Andreas and is one of the most successful and ambitious games Rockstar has created."
―Rockstar Games
Grand Theft Auto: Wars In The West (also known as GTA WITW) is a video game developed by Rockstar Swindon. It is the twenty-eighth installment in the Grand Theft Auto series and was released on September 20th, 2019 for the Xbox One and Playstation 4, and was later released on November 28th, 2020 for the PC.
Grand Theft Auto: Wars In The West is set circa 2020 in the state of San Andreas and tells the story of two protagonists, George Edwards and Dylan Bird.
The game was released to universal acclaim, holding scores of 97 and above on MetaCritic and GameRankings, as well as grossing $600,000,000 on its first day of release, and $1,000,000,000 within a week of its release.


"When a Corrupt Agent returns to meet his old friend after five years in the South-East, they both find themselves raveled in some of the most frightening and jarring elements of the West Coast criminal underworld. They and their new allies must work together to survive the deranged and corrupted cities which criminals and corrupt politicians rule with an iron fist." ―The game description on the box

After a series of unsuccessful missions and just feeling like his job isn't as exciting as it used to be, corrupt agent George Edwards goes on a holiday to San Andreas to take a break from his job, and to meet his old friend Dylan Bird who called him prior to leaving the South-East. After arriving at the Donkey Punch Family Farm and seeing it in a state of decay and realizing that his business isn't making nearly enough money as it should, the two set up a plan to rob the Diamond Casino and Resort in Los Santos.

The Heist doesn't go too well with the pair only taking $100,000 between them instead of the $2.1 million they hoped for and a wild shootout between the police and another crew results in the pair getting knocked out, George is the first to awake and sees Dylan being treated to a gunshot wound. The corrupt police officer who saved them, Roman Dent, tells George that he has to do his dirty work for him otherwise he'll throw them both in prison.

After a while, a mission is given to Dylan tasking him to steal an unknown shipment being transported by the Marabunta Grande gang. Dylan fails his task and works for the Marabunta Grande Boss, Alejandro Martinez, so he doesn't get executed. Dylan figures that his task was too difficult for one man and decides to question Roman, the two get into a shootout after Roman tells Dylan that he had to dispose of him as he was getting in the way. Before he can call for backup, Roman is shot and falls off his safehouses' roof.

The duo quickly flees Los Santos after figuring out that the police will probably hunt them, and move to a safehouse in San Fierro. San Fierro, however, has Marabunta Grande inhabitants and the two are still forced to do jobs for the Boss. A man named Victor Secada who works for the Marabunta Grande's rival gang, the Aztecas, busts Dylan and George out of a cocaine factory after hearing about how reliable they are. The two then willingly do jobs for the Aztecas, participating in gang wars and killing rival members.

After a while, the duo is tasked to visit Las Venturas to assassinate the Boss of the Rifa Gang, Luis Muñoz. Before they can kill him, Luis explains to the two that the police are closing in on the Aztecas and how killing him will accomplish nothing since the Aztecas will soon be wiped out. He tells them that if they let him go, he won't come after them or place any bounties on their heads. Dylan can either kill Luis or spare him. Regardless of whichever option he chooses, Luis' right-hand man Marco will take over the Rifa Gang and hunt the two for killing countless men and destroying their product.

The final mission occurs in Paleto Bay, after the two figure they won't be hunted there and can return safely, Dylan's farm however is ambushed by the Marabunta Grande and then the Rifas swiftly after, A shootout occurs between the duo, the Rifas, the Marabunta Grande, and the police. After the barn is destroyed and most members of each gang are dead, Dylan kills Marco and Alejandro before the two pack their things and head for the nearby airport.


Minor Antagonists

Losif Ivanov - A high ranking member of the Russian Mafia who tried to kill George after a deal between the Russians and the Aztecas goes wrong.

Juan Cambeiro -  A member out of the couple of Rifas who didn't flee San Fierro after the Triads forced them out. Dylan is ordered to kill him by Victor.

Supporting Characters

Garland Bonner - A paranoid conspiracy theorist who works at Dylan's farm and helps him set up his heist, He is told by Dylan to stay in Paleto Bay and help him maintain the business.

Cook (Dutch Cookson) - An associate of Dylan who helps him grow weed and cook meth. Dylan tells Cook that he needs somebody to cook for him in San Fierro, Cook can be seen working in safehouse during the two's stay in San Fierro.

Minor Characters 

Eliza Weaver - One of George's superiors who emails him throughout the game, she gives George a car for him to drive in during his stay in San Andreas.


Missions featured in GTA WITW - TBA


  • Internet
  • Radio Stations

Unique Features and Gameplay

  • The map is split into two islands, one of them being Southern San Andreas, the island containing Los Santos and Blaine County, the other island being Northern San Andreas which contains San Fierro, Las Venturas, Bone County, and Red County. The play must fly to each island as the bridge connecting the two islands hasn't finished being constructed.
  • Character swapping has returned from Grand Theft Auto V and can be used any time during free-roam and during missions which feature both Dylan and George.
  • Drug Dealing was a feature first introduced in Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars. It returns in Wars In The West where Dylan and George can buy, sell, and collect drugs across San Andreas. 


Grand Theft Auto: Wars In The West received critical acclaim and positive reviews for its story, gameplay, and its darker tone. It received a 97 and above on MetaCritic and GameRankings, and grossed  $600,000,000 on its first day.



  • GTA WITW is the third game in the series since Grand Theft Auto Advance where the player can store all the weapons in their inventory instead of replacing them.
  • The Script for GTA WITW is over 10,500 pages long.
  • GTA WITW is the second game in the series to feature a score.