This special page will list user projects that are join-able by other users. To join a project, notify the project leader via message wall and ask permission as well as post beneath the project name.

Please note that the project manager is the only user to approve of a user joining a project.

Projects currently available

The After Dark Scene(Stand Alone Expansion)

Grand Theft Auto Revolution - In Development

link - Feel free to add whatever idea you have no matter how silly it is, if the majority agree with the idea it will be implemented in the game. 

  • Section - Project Foreman.
  • Raniero R - Project Foreman.
  • RavenRT - Unofficial Weapons Guy.

Operator (Story)

Please receive permission from RavenRT if you would like to be part of this project.

  • Raven - Project Manager/Weapons/Author
  • Sapphire - Co-Author/Weapons Assistant

Grand Theft Auto: The Bold and the Hunter - Work in Progress

Wanna join? Here's a list of the basic things for this game-read.