Grand Theft Auto III: Shoreside Vale is an expansion pack for GTA 3 released in spring 2002.


Shoreside Vale expansion pack adds Multiplayer mode to GTA 3. It also includes a new story of 15 missions.


The story of Shoreside Vale is centered around Zeke and Mia Cooper - One of the most well-known criminal couples of Liberty City.

Mia is the game's controllable protagonist (which marks her as the first female protagonist in GTA franchise). Together they commit mainly house robberies on Shoreside Vale.


Mia and Zeke Cooper are the one of the most wanted and well-known criminal couples in Liberty City. They and their gang are believed to be behind several murders and robberies. Zeke is the head of the gang, while his fiancée Mia does the dirty work. The gang also consists of three thugs: Dwight Dalton, Irwin Kent and Casey Hall.

During the story of Shoreside Vale Cooper Bronanza commits many house burglaries around the Cedar Grove. These heists require a lot preparation, and Mia has to rob weapons, heavy armory, slaughter SWAT-team which is after them etc. Irwin Kent, one of the members of the gang, also betrays them to Mafia.

After several burglaries, they attack the Mafia in their mansion and take it over for themselves. Zeke decides they've gathered enough money and they should leave the city for good. He sends Mia, Dwight and Casey to collect fake ID's from contact, which turns out to be an ambush. Dwight and Casey are killed, but Mia survives. She returns back to the mansion, where Zeke reveals that he's about to leave the city without them and he set up the ambush. He's intented to not share the money with his fiancée and lights the mansion on fire. Mia manages to cope out of another deathtrap of her ex-boyfriend.

Mia rushes to Francis International Airport and destroys Zeke's plane. He tries to get away and begs for mercy, but is executed by Mia. Package with all of their money falls to the ocean. Mia tries to held her cry, realizing she has no money, all of her friends are dead and all the horrible things she has done were for nothing.


After the events of GTA: Worlds Collide, Zeke's betrayal never happened, and they abandoned crime after.


GTA III: Shoreside Vale adds internet Multiplayer mode to GTA III. Players can compete in various different game modes (Player limit is 20):

  • Deathmatch: Classic All Vs. All -gamemode.
  • Team Deathmatch: Team version of Deathmatch
  • Rat Race: Racing 
  • Capture the Flag: The objective for both teams is to obtain enemy team's flag and return it to their own base while preventing the opposing team from doing the same
  • Stash the Cash: Co-op gamemode of 4 players. The objective is to gather money as much as you can around the city while keeping an eye on A.I. controlled enemy gangs


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