"When connoisseurs see you with this thing in Rockford Hills, they will immediately notice the work of a professional. When connoisseurs see you with this thing in Chamberlain Hills, they will immediately shoot you down. In fact, you are lucky, because only we have a design of this unique, but primitive vehicle that science fiction dreamed. In addition, it is not only super-trendy and ultra-modern, but also can literally make you almost elusive."
―Coil Labs USA description.

The Coil HVR-9 is a hoverboard featured in Grand Theft Auto Online as part of the Cybercrisis update. It is the first hoverboard vehicle in Grand Theft Auto series.


Grand Theft Auto Online

Its design is partly inspired by the Hoverboard from Fortnite. But in general the HVR-9 is the original concept by darkbleeter.

The Vehicle has two pairs of small wings. There is the same glowing panels on the sides as Deluxo and Oppressor Mk II have. At the rear is the small rocket engine.

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Grand Theft Auto Online

The HVR-9's controls is almost the same as the Oppressor Mk II. The vehicle has no special features and weapons but it compensate it with its speed and the inability to lock on it with homing missiles. To sum up, the HVR-9 is perfect for resupply and selling missions because enemy players can't kill another player as easily as it was with normal vehicle.

Grand Theft Auto Online

  • Can be developed in the Coil Laboratory for $820,000.



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