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Life used to be easy. All you needed to make a car was a ruler, a touch of love and, in Vulcar's case, some military armor. Now even the Swedish titans must worry for nature, while their biggest customers treat the Earth as their latrine. But even within the confines borne from ecological concerns, you can still build a grand tourer with the looks so sleek your girl's panties will fly off at Mach 1, but not before you cream yours at Mach 2 at the feeling of its performance. Enter - the Hachura R.
―Official Description

The Vulcar Hachura R is a 2-door coupe appearing in HD Universe.


The car's design is primarly based on the Polestar 1, with headlights and front bumper from the NEVS 9-3 concept, taillights based on the Lynk & Co 03, and exhausts based on the 2018 Audi RS7. The Hachura R has a high top speed and even the fastest when customized. It is the fast coupe in the HD Universe as to mention the great specs. However, the car's handling is excellent at cornering and even on Online races, despite the fact that is equipped with customization and racing liveries.

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  • When it's customized with a colored yellow, it may resemble the customized Polestar 1 from Need for Speed: Heat.