Heartworks Mob
Locations: City of Heartworks, Lincoln:
  • Little Italy
  • Italian Relish
  • South West Side
Leaders: Issac De Volta
Type: Italian-American Crime Syndicate
Enemies: Johnston County Triads
Kloud Krew
South Aiden Pork Rangers
Uptown Kings
Affiliations: Tristan Kirby
Kazeraida MC
Atıcılar və Dilerlər
South Bank Posse
Colors: Black
Vehicles: Sentinel
Sentinel XS
Sentinel Classic
Oracle XS
Weapons: Pistol
Heavy Pistol
Assault Rifle
Carbine Rifle
Businesses: Drug Trafficking/Manufacturing
Rum Bootlegging
Jury Tampering
Arms Dealing
Money Laundering
Car Theft
Fronts: Esposito Designs
Members: Issac De Volta (Don)
Angie Offredi
Nicholas Esposito
Ian Genoverse Deathmatch marker GTA V

The Heartworks Mob is the most powerful Outfit in the City of Heartworks and longest running Mafia in local history. They are know to have numerous contacts and allies especially in the Commission and were even offered a position but refused.

The Heartworks Mob is slightly based off the Chicago Outfit


The Heartworks Mob was established in 1904 and has since ran until modern times with almost no interference due to their influences of the Jury until 2010 where their Jury Tampering schemes were discovered and over 700 mobsters were incarcerated while a couple others where given the death sentence forcing them become more vigilant and clandestine in their activities.

The Mob is responsible for inventing the Psychedelic drug known as ISSAC named after Isaac despite being misspelled.


The Heartworks Mob is somewhat similar to the Leone Family as they mainly where black suits and drive modified version of certain vehicles but with several differences such as their use of Muscle cars over regular Sedans or imports, and their weapon choices.


Official members

Unofficial members

  • Kateřina Manna - Soldier and unofficial member due to Czech ancestry
  • Kevin Offredi - Father of Angie and unofficial member due to being committed
  • Marty - An ISSAC Dealer who found out the truth about ISSAC. (deceased)