"So, big money?"

-Declan Barge, to Juan Ferdinez

"Yup, bro. And a lot of it, but guarded by gunners and specially trained private security ninjas. But who cares?"

-Juan Ferdinez's reply

Heisty Feisty is the third mission of GTA: TH.


Declan Barge, the newest muscle of The Cartel, joins in his first heist against Gruppe Sechs. The Cartel have some CCTV and audio recordings, plus a damaged Securicar, that they need, in order to save most of the inner circle from conviction. 12 Cartel hitmen, including Declan, go to the Liberty City Gruppe Sechs Building in order to seize these objects. Declan and company wear stolen Gruppe Sechs uniforms and drive a hijacked Securicar into the complex's parking lot. There, they strip off their GS uniforms, and use the Securicar's armored, piercing bumper to get inside the building. The audio recordings and CCTV files are stored in the server room of floor 14, and they need to wipe the servers. First, they need to wipe the disks, then they are forced to blow up the servers with Sticky Bombs. Then, they steal the Securicar needed and take it to the Cartel HQ to restore the back doors of the Securicar, which was blown out by a shotgun-wielding Cartel musclemen.


  • Drive to the GS Building
  • Crash the Securicar into the doors.
  • Shootout with GS employees
  • Put the wiping program on the server
  • Attach Sticky Bombs to the servers
  • Steal the damaged Securicar
  • Drive to Cartel HQ
  • Lose wanted level


Conditions of mission failure

  • Wasted
  • Busted
  • Fails to detonate servers.
  • Fails to reach Securicar


  • $ 60000

Unlocks/Unlocked By

  • Unlocks: