Helping Hand
Vital statistics
Game Vengeance in Los Santos
For E-Wash
Location Los Santos
Prerequisites None
Mission Failure Wasted/Busted, E-Wash Dies, Getaway Car is destroyed, E-Wash is Abandoned, Getaway Car is Abandoned
Rewards $1500

Ability to Rob Stores Hockey Mask

Protagonist(s) Joe Preest
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Job Seeking Underground (Only if Favor is completed)]]

"Big M said you needed a hand, what for?"

"I wanna rob a store right? Thing is, the plan I came up with requires two people"

-Joe and E-Wash discussing the Job


Joe goes to E-Wash's house and asks what the Job is, E-Wash explains that he wants to rob a store, but his "plan" requires two people. Joe listens to E-Wash's plan and notices some flaws. Such as the lack of a getaway car. E-Wash corrects that a car is already there, they just need to "borrow" it. Joe and E-Wash make their way to the store. Joe distracts a driver of a Car whilst E-Wash pulls the person out. After losing the cops they go back to the store. Joe goes in with a hockey mask and shotgun he holds up the store until the shopkeeper pulls a shotgun on Joe. Joe quickly kills the Keeper and takes the rest of the cash. Joe then has to cover E-Wash using an Assault Rifle whilst the cops give chase. After losing the cops E-Wash takes them back to his home. Joe shares the take 50/50 with E-Wash resulting in $1,500 each. E-Wash says that he might need help soon and goes back into his house.


  • Get to the Store
  • Distract the Driver
  • Get in the Car with E-Wash
  • Lose the Cops
  • Drive back to the Store
  • Hold up the Store
  • Shoot the Shopkeeper
  • Get into the Car
  • Defend the Car from Cops


  • When Joe holds up the shopkeeper he will exclaim "Great, more psychopathic hockey mask killers!" Referencing the Friday the 13th Franchise.