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Hijacking the Bureau
Game: Grand Theft Auto: New Leaf
For: Isaac De Volta
Location: Oven Drive, Aether, Lincoln
Target: Bureau Mule
Conditions of mission failure: Wasted
Bureau Mule destroyed
Failing to cross the track trains before the Train arrives
Reward: $4000
Unlocks: Funding the Mob
Unlocked by: When It Is Legal

Hijacking the Bureau is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: New Leaf given by Isaac De Volta to Tristan Kirby.


Tristan meets Isaac at Oven Drive in Aether and he explains that the Bureau has confiscated high quality Ketamine and is necessary to make more ISSAC. He asks him to steal it and bring it to the lock up in South Heartworks Heights. He tells him not to lead the Bureau to the lockup and to get rid of them.

Tristan manages to Hijack the Bureau and prevents the feds from calling in backup, but a pedestrian calls the police after Tristan leaves the scene causing more Bureau agents to give chase and manages to escape them by crossing the track before the train arrives; cutting off the Bureau and buying Tristan time to leave the sites and take the truck to the lockup.


  • Steal the Truck.
  • Escape from the Bureau of Narcotics.
  • Beat the train across the tracks in order to lose the Bureau of Narcotics.
  • Take the truck to the lockup.
  • Leave the lockup.


  • Bureau of Narcotics agents - Murdered for protecting the Bureau Mule by Tristan


Tristan will gains $4000 as result of completing this mission and will able to begin Funding the Mob.

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