Hunter Shaun Black
Hunter Black
Also known as: Assassin
Status: Alive
Gender: Male
Date of birth: January 10th, 1992
Place of birth: University Area, Santa Julio, San Andreas, United States
Date of death: ????
Home: Santa Julio, San Andreas
Nationality: African-American
Family: Unnamed parents
Main affiliation: West-Side Eagles

The Families

Vietnamese Gang

Madrazo Cartel

The Saviors

Vehicle(s): Dominator



Double T Custom

P-996 Lazer


Sea Shark

Businesses: Armed Robbery


Drug Dealing

Gun Running

Loan Sharking

Protection Racket

Car Theft

Voiced by: HunterGff
Hunter Black is a young African-American criminal in Santa Julio, San Andreas

Early Life up until Present Day

Black was born in Santa Julio, San Andreas in the year 1992 to two African-American parents. In his early years his teacher's claimed he was bright and had tons of potential. By the time he was 11 his father died and his mother fell ill.  When he was 12 he dropped out of school and supported his mother by doing several jobs, but he continued his studies by reading and practicing several subjects in his freetime. By the time he was 14 he joined a gang named the West-Side Eagles, a African-American and Latin-American gang seeing that is the best way to get tons of money to help his mother. By the time he was 21 he was well known in the gang and was a Original Baby Gangster. In 2014 his mother died, seeing that they have no more options, he still served the gang.

2019/Present Day

after 2019 he moves to liberty city and in 2022 dies in a driveby due to a unknown gang


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