David: "Gary!I need to tell you something"

Gary: "No time dude!The triads is after me again"

David: "The fuck you do?"

Gary: "Umm....nothing. Just make a big bet and lose to it"

David: "You fucking asshole!"

-David and Gary before the ambush

Hydro Trouble is the eleventh mission of Grand Theft Auto: Lost Memory given to the protaganist,David Hudson by Gary Mackson.

Location: The Apartment, Quine, Luken

For: Gary Mackson

Rewards: $500

Unlock: An Old Ally

Unlock by: An Old Or New Enemy  

Mission Description

David go back to the house to talk to Gary about Peter but Gary has his own problem too. He lost in a gamble against a group of triads and can't bring them the money so now they are targeting to kill him. He ask David to protect him from the triads because they gonna attack at any time. The triads ambush them at the apartment and they need to defend against them.


You need to fend off the triads and run from them afterwards. Triads is all over the town trying to kill them,the player need to get Gary to Sunny Port. After you send Gary at Sunny Port,he said he will meet you at Duin after he call the guy from 2 years ago to help you. Gary board the ferry,now the player could choose any safehouse that you has bought to return to. You can't go back to the apartment due to the triads. After you arrive at a safehouse,the mission is completed.


  • Kill of the triads ambush.
  • Bring Gary to Sunny Port.
  • Buy a new safehouse.(If the player has not bought a safehouse)
  • Go back to one of the safehouse you bought.(If the player has bought a safehouse)


The player could not hang out with Gary until the next mission is completed. All way to Duin is open but the player still get wanted level for entering it until the player complete the next mission.


  • If David try to call Gary,he will not answer David.
  • If David return to The Apartment,nothing will happen actually but David can't save the progress.
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