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ISSAC is a fictional drug featured in Grand Theft Auto: New Leaf created by the Heartworks Mob and named after Isaac De Volta.


Most of the method to producing it is only known among Senior members of the mob and only a few warehouses remain open and are camouflaged as either Fashion Design companies, strip clubs, nightclubs, or engineering firms. The only known ingredients that Tristan learns that is in ISSAC are; Ketamine, Scopolamine, Opium, and Cough medicine. They either come in capsules form or tablet form.


ISSAC capsule are kept in bottles while the tablets are kept in blister packs. Bottles are placed into a paper bags while packs are placed into boxes before being placed into a strong boxes until they ready to shipped.

When they are being shipped the paper bags are placed into a corrugated box and placed in sedans, coupes, or muscle cars. The tablet boxes are placed into jewellery boxes and the jewellery boxes are than placed into trucks, vans, or SUVs.


ISSAC supposedly makes the consumer more compliant with commands and after the drug wears off; they'll have no recollection of the experience while in actuality the drug is a placebo and only induces the side effects of cough medicine, ketamine, and scopolamine. After Tristan learns the truth of effects; he begins secretly destroying the drugs.