Vital statistics
Game North Yankton Stories
For Daniel Drebin
Location Ludendorff, North Yankton
Prerequisites None
Mission Failure Wasted/Busted
Daniel dies
Rewards 50$
Protagonist(s) Tommy Bell
Previous Next
Wish Granted Cycle Chase
(if Bloomin' Feelin' is completed)
Heron: "I'm not here to fool around. I warn you, assholes.. Don't. Fuck. With. Me."
Tommy: "Oh, fine with us, because I've got a girlfriend and Daniel here will probably come up with some other way to show you who rules this city"
―Wayne Heron and Tommy Bell

Icestorm is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: North Yankton Stories, given to protagonist Tommy Bell by Daniel Drebin.


Daniel informs Tommy, that a well-known criminal Wayne Heron wants to have a chat with them. The meeting is at the Ludendorff Lake.

At the meeting, Heron explains how he has come to Ludendorff all the way from Liberty City in order to expand his businesses. The mobsters Tommy and Daniel killed and stole a chopper from were Heron's men and he wants a payback.

Tommy and Daniel manage to enrage Heron, who threatens Tommy with a gun. Tommy grabs the gun and shoots Heron instead, which causes his henchmen to attack the duo. After a gunfight, Tommy and Daniel leave the scene.

Tommy thinks it's extremely odd that a powerful Liberty City crime lord would come to the tiny town of Ludendorff out of all the places in the world and believes Heron might have some connection with Felipe Hocker. Tommy decides to look into it.


  • Go to the Meeting at Ludendorff Lake
  • Defeat Heron's henchmen
  • Take Daniel home


The reward for completing is 50$.

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