Impotent Insects
Locations: Finland
Leader: Lolek Goldblum
Type: Finnish rock band
Enemies: Waylon Rosenthal
Affiliations: Christian Bell
Colors: Wine red
Vehicles: Stretch
Members: Sauli Kivi
Pauli Järvi
Lauri Anderson
Mauri McVile

Impotent Insects is a fictional Finnish rock band featured in Los Santos Chronicles - Deadly Discords.


Impotent Insects is a rising star in the music business. They originate from Finland, and their genre is mainly rock and metal. The band's manager is Lolek Goldblum.


  • Sauli Kivi - Lead vocalist
  • Mauri McVile  - Guitar
  • Lauri Anderson - Bass
  • Pauli Järvi - Drums


  • Suck it, Fuck it, Rock it (2009)
  • The Amazing Shark Wizards of Planet XXX (2011)
  • Bigger Than The Beatles (2013)

Events in Los Santos Chronicles

Christian Bell is arranging a big rock concert to pay off his debts. Lolek Goldblum manages to get the gig for the Impotent Insects.

The band arrives in San Fierro, and on their journey to Los Santos, they stop and take a break at a bar in Sandy Shores. The band and Lolek get drunk and manage to anger a local biker gang. The next thing they know is being either captured by enraged criminals, sold to an eccentric millionare or tied up to a cross on top of a church.

Lolek manages to contact Bell, who sends his assistant Penelope Cash to save him. Over the time, the whereabouts of Insects members start coming up and Penelope rescues them as well.

Insects start preparing for the big gig, but someone keeps threatening their lives. That someone turns out to be Waylon Rosenthal, Christian Bell's evil treasurer. The concert is held nevertheless. Rosenthal's army of hired goons try to foil everything and kill the band, but they're once again stopped by Cash.

With concert successful, Lolek and the Insects leave the country.

Mission Appearances

Deadly Discords

  • Lost Boys (Sauli only)
  • Dial T For Trouble (Sauli and Pauli only)
  • Hole In One (Sauli, Pauli and Lauri only)
  • Perdido
  • Band Management (Bosses)
  • Haters Gonna Hate (Bosses)
  • No Encores (Bosses)
  • Departure Time