In Too Deep
Vital statistics
Game North Yankton Stories
For Felipe Hocker
Location Ludendorff, North Yankton
Prerequisites None
Mission Failure Wasted/Busted
Rewards 9000$
Protagonist(s) Tommy Bell
Previous Next
No Parking Nice Bargain
"There is no honor among thieves."
Felipe Hocker
In Too Deep is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: North Yankton Stories, given to protagonist Tommy Bell by Felipe Hocker.


Tommy is summoned by Hocker to his office. Hocker explains that two construction workers, working at the chemical plant, have disappeared with the blueprints. Hocker suspects the two are trying to sell the blueprints in the black market, and sends Tommy to kill them and get the blueprints back. The workers' last known location is the icy sewers of Ludendorff, and they're probably hiding there. 

Tommy goes down to labyrinthine sewers and starts looking for his targets. Both are eventually found and killed and Tommy obtains the blueprints, which he takes back to Hocker.


  • Go to the sewer entrance
  • Find and take down the workers
  • They're dead meat. Go back to surface
  • Get the blueprints back to Hocker


Reward for completing is 9000$.

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