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This article Infinity Organization, is part of the AU Continuity, a alternated reality of the Canon Prime Reality. Meaning it's a what-if, or completely altered events in fanon terms.
Games: GTA V
Locations: Los Santos
Leader: Alex
Type: Arms Manufacturing
Pharmaceutical industry
Enemies: Illuminati
Lang Street Gang
North-Side Gang
Affiliations: Latin Gang (Through Chris)
Coronation Street Families (Loosely Alliance)
ADMC (Through Alex)
Colors: Black
Businesses: Arms
Members: Christopher Wells
Shiki Tsukumo

The Infinity Organisation is a manufacturing organisation, and also a business selling stolen or otherwise bought goods throughout Los Santos, and to other parts of the world. The organisation is founded by Alex, after doing his first Heist heist with the help of Lester Crest, and Christopher Wells.

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