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Internet Dating
For: Enzo Douglas
Location: Vixen Street, White Oaks Hill, Caldwell
Conditions of mission failure: Wasted
Posting Tristan's profile without completing the bio section
Posting Tristan's profile with offensive words.
Reward: Tristan is playable alongside Samantha and is able to access the Swiper app.
Unlocks: New Girl
Unlocked by: Loving Husband

Internet Dating is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: New Leaf given to the player Samantha Douglas by her husband Enzo Douglas.


Enzo and Samantha discuss Tristan's single life despite breaking up with Caroline eight years ago. Samantha decides to start up a dating profile Tristan as they discuss Tristan's interest while setting up his account.


  • Access the Swiper app.

Enzo and Samantha decide to sign Tristan up for the Swiper app and as such the player is prompted to use Samantha's phone to access the app in order to make an account for Tristan.

  • Make an account for Tristan.

The player is than instructed to make an account for Tristan by accessing the drop-down menu and selecting register.

  • Finish Tristan's profile page.

Most of Tristan's account is autocompleted by Samantha while the player is left to fill out Tristan's bio section in accordance to Enzo and Samantha talking about Tristan.

  • Post Tristan's account.

After finishing Tristan's profile; the player is left with the simplest objective in a GTA game and that is to post the account; resulting in the mission being completed.


As result of this mission; the player can now freely swap between Samantha and Tristan while Tristan can access his Swiper account.