Internet is a key feature in Grand Theft Auto: Danger Zone, as it can be accessed and used for various purposes. Due to the game's setting of 1999, the internet is given much more importance and is based off Windows 98.

Interactive Websites

  • - you can read news articles published by the Hamilton Leaf. Some of which regard the events of Danger Zone.
  • - you can purchase safehouses online.
  • - you can purchase military vehicles and heavy duty weaponry.
  • - you can purchase average grade weaponry from this site.
  • - you purchase used and low quality cars.
  • - you can purchase average - good quality cars.
  • - you can purchase sports and supercars.
  • - you can purchase motorbikes.
  • - you can purchase aircraft from this site.
  • - stocks and shares.
  • - get a 6-star wanted level.
  • - official website of the New Hamilton City Police Department and a police database.
  • www.OhNo!.com - replaces eyefind in games set later. Based off Yahoo!

Non Interactive Sites

  • - official website of the Bank Of New Hamilton City.
  • - official tourist site of New Hamilton City.
  • - contains info about easter eggs, cheats etc.
  • - a scheme designed to rip people off.
  • - official website of Head Records. 
  • - an anti-internet page. Discusses how in the 21st Century internet will take over the world and will even be on people's phones. 
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