Introduction is the first storyline mission of Grand Theft Auto: Lost Memory which introduce the basic of the game.


Unlocked by:N/A


Mission Description

The protagonist, David Hudson awake in an alley at the city of Luken. David can't remember a thing and only has $50 and a phone. David quickly call the only number in it, Gary. Gary answered and sound surprise to heard from him, he quickly order David to go to his apartment in Quine and don't attract too much attention.


You need to go to Gary's apartment. The game introduces walking and parkour which is possible now, you arrive in Del Ro Street and see a bike. You need to steal it and hurry to Gary's apartment, after arrive Gary's apartment; He greet you and good to know you still alive. Saying not remember anything, Gary invite him to stay and he will tell you everything. Gary tell David that he do not hear from him for three day, he last hear from him is before the deal which David participate in at the night of 1 April. David said he can't remember anything and Gary said he need to rest a bit, David also say the same. The mission complete after the introduction of the safehouse.


  • Make your way to Gary's apartment.
  • There a bike, steal it and head to Gary's apartment.
  • Go inside.


The mission Detour is unlocked and the player could roam around Luken.