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Invite Only
Game: Grand Theft Auto: New Leaf
For: Isaac De Volta
Location: Aquamarine Island Avenue, Italian Relish, Heartworks
Target: Adrian Lee
Conditions of mission failure: Wasted
Reward: $4000
The ability to use the Trains to fast travel from Heartworks to Caldwell
Unlocks: Pork Rangers
Unlocked by: The Mob

Invite Only is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: New Leaf given to Tristan Kirby by Isaac De Volta.


Isaac meets with Tristan at the RON Filing Station on Aquamarine Island Avenue as he didn't Tristan at his place in Marshal Heights. He tells Tristan that he wants to run the Open/Close Club and the Club Owner won't sell it to him. He tells him to eliminate the Kloud Krew protecting it and any bikers in his way including Adrian Lee. Tristan agrees to it and leaves as Isaac drives away from the Filing Station.

Isaac calls Tristan to let him know about the Trains and that it would be faster to use it than to drive all the way there. After taking the train; Tristan goes over to the Open/Close Club and attacks the bouncer along with the Bikers outside before moving forward. After eliminating the security outside; Tristan goes inside and fights the Krew members and Bikers while moving through the club and getting access to the Employee Only area.

Tristan takes out/scares away Farah as he gets corners Adrian but he is protected by safety glass. Tristan smashes the office and pours gasoline onto the ground forcing him out and takes him out. Tristan leaves the Club and returns to Heartworks.


  • Go to the subway station.
  • Board the Platform.
  • Go to the Open/Close Club.
  • Kill the Bouncer!
  • Eliminate the Bikers.
  • Go inside.
  • Take out the Krew members and Bikers.
  • Go to the entrance to the Employees' Only area.
  • Shoot the door hinges.
  • Kill or Scare Farah. (only if spared in Invisible Enemy)
  • Damage the office supplies to force Adrian out.
  • Grab the Jerry can.
  • Pour gasoline onto the ground along the trail to force Adrian out.
  • Eliminate Adrian Lee.
  • Leave the Open/Close Club.


  • Bouncer - Killed in order to gain the attention of the Bikers.
  • Open/Close Bikers - Killed for being a member of the Open/Close MC.
  • Kloud Krew members - Killed for being a member of the Kloud Krew.
  • Farah (optional) - Killed for being a member of the Kloud Krew.
  • Adrian Lee - Killed on orders of Isaac in order for him to gain ownership of the Open/Close Club.


Tristan will gain the ability to return to Caldwell by Train by staying too long will result in Isaac thinking his trying to slip out of their deal and send a hit squad while also gaining a monetary reward of $4000.