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What makes the world go round? Money. If money is not flowing, if businesses don’t keep going, there’s no innovation, no products, no investments, no growth, no jobs.
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Irving "Fox" Belfort is a character in the Grand Theft Auto series, appearing as a supporting character in Grand Theft Auto: The After Dark Scene and Grand Theft Auto Revolution.

A fraudster and corrupt stockbroker becoming rich off the back of innocent people,

Belfort started with front-end scams, whose general strategy will be familiar if you’ve ever replied to an email from a stranger overseas: I’ve got big money for you if you pay me small money first. Using the name America Investors, Belfort opened a lavish office and cultivated an air of exclusivity and legitimacy with the help of his mistress. During the events of The After Dark Scene, he hires Armin Van de Corput and Jackie Hiroyuki separately through private email and encrypted calls. Money controls him, and he knows money controls others.


Belfort has a disdain for the inferior intellect of those around him, believing himself of a higher class than most -minus the preppy chatter and pompous demeanor- citizens. Gullible and conformist, he does not bare a cent or a care for the homeless, or those down on their luck. This is mostly because he feels that here in America, it is your -and no one else's- fault if you are financially debt-ridden. Though he does give to charities, it is only to support him or his fellow brokers, and to control the rise of stocks in an area.