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Jack McGarry
Appearance(s): GTA: Los Santos Stories
Also known as: Mobster
Status: Determinant
Gender: Male
Date of birth: August 23, 1989
Place of birth: Vice City, Florida
Date of death: Summer 2013 (players choice)
Home: Del Perro, Los Santos, Los Santos.

Paleto Bay, Los Santos (1995-2011) Vice City, Florida (1989-1995)

Nationality: Caucasian
Family: Unnamed mother (mother)

Unnamed father (father, deceased) Liz McGarry (sister, determinant)

Main affiliation: Jack's Army (2011-2013)
Vehicle(s): Army Ranger Vehicle
Businesses: Jack's Army (2011-2013)

GTA: Los Santos Stories

Jack meets Dylan in the first mission of Los Santos Stories, and they quickly become friends, after seeing Dylan's small apartment, he gives him the money to move into an apartment down the street that is much nicer. Dylan does so and they become even more closer, but after Dylan moves in his girlfriend, Hailey and stops paying rent, they have a falling out, and Jack puts a hit on him. Dylan moves to Paleto Bay and Jack does not notice until his friend, Mason found out. If the "kill" option is chosen, He tracks Dylan down and holds Hailey hostage in their house. Dylan manages to save Hailey and kills Jack, buries his body outside of Paleto Bay, and sells his apartment. Mason kills Dylan's friend, Dorian for revenge of Jack's death, but Dylan eventually hunts down and kills Mason, ending Jack's presence in the city.

Another possible ending is to spare Jack on Liz's request, doing so triggers the "Spared" mission of "Marriage" where Liz is shot instead of Dorian, Jack then quickly renounces his allegiance to Jack's Army, which Mason takes over and eventually dies at the hands of Dylan Troy and Jack McGarry.


Jack is known to be very nice to his friends, and very helpful, but if anyones does anything to him, he will get very extremely angry, like shown in Revenge For Liz it is shown that Jack is not resentful of killing his own friends, due to that they killed his sister at Dylan's wedding, (basically killing the only family he had left).

Mission Appearances

GTA Los Santos Stories

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