Left Quotation Mark Nero
Right Quotation Mark Nero
Katsuo Hiroyuki
Jackie Hiroyuki
Biographical information
Born September 7, 1994
Citizenship Japanese
Physical description
Hair Brunet
Eyes Brown
Weight (114lbs.)
Career information
Occupation Student
Affiliations Armin Van de Corput
Tijs Bergling
Other information
Voice George Miller

Jackson Katsuo Hiroyuki (郎吉 勝雄), is a character in the Grand Theft Auto series, appearing as one of the four main protagonists in The After Dark Scene along with Armin Van de Corput, Albert Meursault and Tijs Bergling. Son of a powerful Kumicho, he is forced into the world of the American sect Harukichi-gumi, he becomes a reluctant youth blossoming in two worlds; the traditional Samurai way of life, and the nightclub musician scene life.



Katsuo, named after the Japanese kanji 'victory', was born in Ōita, Kyushu on November 30, 1991 to the current supreme Kumicho of the Harukichi-gumi, Yakuza. The sixth sibling in a violent, autocratic family, Katsuo was forced to survive by fighting off his brothers for food and accommodation. Like his brothers and one sister, he was to be mentored under the Oyabun-Kobun relationship system of the Yakuza. Oyabun literally means "father role"; Kobun means "child role". When a child is to be accepted into the Yakuza, he must accept this relationship; which Katsuo was the only sibling to deny and be forced into. He deceitfully promised loyalty and obedience to his boss, and never fulfilled assigned tasks fully.

Known in the United States by the Anglicized name Jackie, named facetiously after a Chinese actor and kung fu star, Hiroyuki revels in his new environment.


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