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Jan Daniels
L&S JanDaniels
Biographical information
Full name Jan Michael Daniels
Born 1977
Citizenship American
Physical description
Hair Brown
Career information
Occupation Tourist scammer
Affiliations The Searows (owner)
Da Silva Enterprises
Thomas Kingston
Pyotr Stoyanovich
Other information
Appears in L&S MiniLogo
Actor Ben Cotton

Jan Michael Daniels is a main character appearing in Light  & Shadow.

The incompetent scam businessman who owns The Searows tourist company that operates under the Da Silva Enterprises protection, notorious for their organized tourists scam and money laundering.


Jan raised in the Midwest before he moves to Vice City at some point in 1994. He experiences many fraud that made him ran out of money. Learning from this experiences, he starts to ran a tourist scammer ring where he hires pickpockets and con-man to deceive tourists around Vice City. The business continues to grows for more than 20 years and disguised as a tourist guide company known as The Searows.

Today, it was the widest scam network in the city underworld with profit of more than $60,000 each month. Most of the money that comes to his account however, used to fulfill his bad gambling habit apart from the antique furniture around his office.

In 2015, a freelance journalist discover the true color of The Searows. Luckly, Jan's men manages to shut his mouth before he reports them to authorities. Afraid that the same thing would repeat, Jan decide to made a deal with Da Silva Enterprises, a Brazilian crime syndicate known for their reputation in "search and hunt down people" to protect his business. However, he must contribute 33% (with a minimum of $20,000) each month of the profits to Da Silva to thanks their services.

Events in L&S

"Jan: Two Brazilian guy are worse than one, i hope they doesn't send three next time.
Pyotr: Guess they'll send a goons next time
―Regarding the Da Silva

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  • Jan's beta name was Jack Daniels, a reference to a whiskey brand of Tennessee.
  • Despite they shared a surname and the fact that he grew up in the Midwest, Jan doesn't has any family relationship with Karen Daniels from IV.