Jenni-Mary Taylor
Jenni Taylor
Appearance(s): GTA: King of The Hill
Also known as: Jenni
Status: Alive
Gender: Female
Date of birth: 1990
Place of birth: Los Santos
Nationality: American
Family: Miklos Lipton (Boyfriend)
Main affiliation: Miklos Lipton
"One day, I'll be as famous as the other Vinewood snobs. And when my star's fainting, I'll do something stupid and rancid, and I will again be on everyone's lips. Ah, a dream come true..."
―Jenni-Mary Taylor

Jenni-Mary Taylor is a main character in Grand Theft Auto: King of The Hill.


Jenni-Mary Taylor is an actress born and living in Los Santos. She has only had a few minor roles in underground films, including Melvin Powers' art film containing violent child abuse, but hopes she'll someday make her breakthrough and becomes a real, well-known actress.

She shares the same name with more famous Vinewood actress Jenni Taylor, which she has tried to use as an advantage, with poor results.

Events in King of The Hill

Sometime before the events of My Hero, Jenni gets kidnapped by Marabunta Grande and is taken to a house in El Burro Heights. No press agency notifies her disappearance.

When Alan Nazarian sends Miklos Lipton to recover his car stolen by Marabunta, Miklos also finds Jenni in their basement. Fearing Marabunta will get to her again, Jenni can't go back home, so Miklos takes her to safety in his cousin Thomas' apartment.

However, Marabunta, who have a grudge with Miklos and Thomas as well, find the apartment and attack. Miklos takes care of the gangsters, and he, Jenni and Thomas move into a hideout in Strawberry.

Jenni then starts living with Miklos and Thomas at the safehouse. She and Miklos form a warm relationship, making Thomas call them a couple. Jenni supports Miklos always when he's having a hard time.

In the end of the game, Marabunta heat has come down and Jenni starts living normal life again. She gets offers for supporting roles in mainstream films, and asks Miklos to be her manager/agent.

Weasel News finally report about her kidnapping, reporting the motive to be unpaid cocaine. Jenni denies these rumors.

Films Jenni has acted in

  • Melvin Powers' Art of Child Abuse (2002)
  • Kifflom to All of Us (2009)
  • Vinewood Werewolf in A Plane to Venturas (2010)
  • Cock Hunters (2011)
  • Healthy Vagina (2012) - Educational medical film

Mission Appearances

King of The Hill