Job Seeking
Vital statistics
Game Vengeance in Los Santos
For Joe
Location Los Santos
Prerequisites None
Mission Failure Wasted/Busted, E-Wash Dies
Rewards $1000
Protagonist(s) Joe Preest
Previous Next
Los Santos, San Andreas The Deal

Helping Hand

"Job Seeking" is the fourth mission in Vengeance in Los Santos. Although it is given by Joe, it is actually for Big M.


Joe knocks on Big M's door. He answers and asks what Joe wants, Joe asks for a job. Knowing the kind of person Big M is and he can be trusted. Big M tells him that his "Friends" have a package waiting to be picked up from the underpass near Vanilla Unicorn. Joe accepts and Big M hands him a pistol. Before he leaves Big M yells at a gang member sitting down named "E-Wash" to get up and help Joe. Joe drives them over to the underpass. Joe asks the group that Big M wants the package for pickup. They decline and tell them both to leave before they do something they're gonna regret. One of the members recognizes Joe from London. Joe recognizes the member from The Sheep Mob and a firefight begins. After defeating all the members. Joe moves over to the Member who was from the Sheep Mob. He asks where the others are. The member claims not to know, but Joe eventually gets it out of him. "We split up! I know they're in Los Santos!" is all the words Joe needs, and has a choice to kill the member or leave him. If the player kills him E-Wash will call Joe a "Real Gangsta". If the player leaves the member alive he is able to run away, before getting run over by a passing bus to which E-Wash will say "Damn, he wouldn't have made it either way". They get back to Big M's where they hand him the package. "You seem like a loyal guy, I need someone like that," says Big M as Joe leaves. Big M tells him to come back in a few days.


  • Drive to the underpass.
  • Kill the Gang Members
  • Kill the Member/Let the Member Go
  • Drive back to Big M's place.
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