Johnston County Triads
Locations: Johnston County
Leader: Javier Rong
Type: Mexican-Chinese Syndicate
Enemies: Open/Close MC (formerly)
Kazeraida MC
Kloud Krew
Heartworks Mob
Affiliations: Yutes
Open/Close MC
Colors: Blue & Black
Vehicles: Ravenshoe
Cobra GTR
Weapons: Pistol
Mini SMG
Pump Shotgun
Compact Rifle
Businesses: Rustling
Drug Trafficking/Manufacturing
Wildlife Smuggling
Fronts: Zhuang's Farm
Members: Javier Rong
Ian ZhuangHandcuffBlip-GTAV

Carlotta Ng

Johnston County Triads is a Mexican-Chinese Crime Syndicate situated in the Johnston County and a prominent gang in Grand Theft Auto: New Leaf.


The Johnston County Triads was originally two separate Crime Syndicates; a Mexican Drug Cartel and Chinese Triad situated in Mexico before merging into the Johnston County Triads after the former Mountain Master of Triads and Cartel Boss were expelled from Mexico. The membership is made of members that descended from Mexican-Chinese citizens that were illegally expelled from Mexico.


The Triads mostly were different Blue & Black attires. Male members with moustaches wear Blue & Black tuxedoes, male members with a fade haircut and are clean shaven wear blue Hawaiian-like shirt with a black pine leaf pattern and black cargo shorts, female members with long hair wear black & blue tuxedoes, and female members with their hair tied wear blue dresses with black poka dots.


  • Javier Rong - Mountain Master of the Triads and head of the Rong Family.
  • Ian Zhuang - Head of the Zhuang Family
  • Carlotta Ng - Head of the Ng Family.

Rong Family Members

  • Javier Rong - Head of the Rong Family/Mountain master. (Deceased)
  • Ronaldo Rong - Deputy Mountain master. (Deceased)

Zhuang Family members

  • Ian Zhuang - Head of the Zhuang Family/Mountain Master
  • Pablo Zhuang - Deputy Mountain Master. (Deceased)
  • Ramon Cheng - Master-at-Arms. (Deceased)
  • Xin Menendez - Red Pole. (Deceased)

Ng Family members

  • Carlotta Ng - Mountain Master of the Ng Family.

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