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Johnny Welles
Biographical information
Real name Jonathan Welles
Nickname(s) Johnny
Born July 2, 1979
Citizenship Naturalized American
Physical description
Hair Blond
Eyes Brown
Career information
Occupation Bar owner
Irish Mafia member
Rank Soldier
Affiliations Irish Mafia
Other information
Voice Michael Madsen

Jonathan "Johnny" Welles is an Irish mafia soldier.



Welles was born in Rock Hill on July 2nd, 1979, to a small family that consisted of his father, Brandon Welles, his mother, Briana Anderson Welles, and his brother, Connor Welles. His father was a butcher, and, when he was sixteen, Welles became his apprentice, working there until he was 23.

When he was 23, his father's friend, Elliot Eames, the Bluesky Irish Mafia underboss, saw potential in Welles and recruited him for a job: which was to be the getaway driver in a hit.

Welles, who was given an M1911 pistol by Eames, drove the two hitmen to and from the location successfully, and earned favor with the boss, Redmond Driscoll.

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