Jones Crime Family
Games: Grand Theft Auto: Danger Zone
Locations: New Hamilton City
Leader: Randall Jones (Mid-80's - 1999)
Enemies: Montana Gang

Las Tormentas
Hamilton City Triads
Antonelli Family
Acconi Family
Radamir Bratva

Affiliations: Balduino Cartel

Korean Mob
Silvano Family
The Lost MC
Irish Mob (Formerly)

Businesses: Racketeering

Drug Trafficking

Fronts: Champion's Bar
Members: Randall Jones

Kenny Jones (Formerly)
Corey Jones (Formerly)
Tommy Montana (Formerly)
Mark Valve (Formerly)
Johnny Shelton (Formerly)
Wilton Larry (Undercover Cop) (Formerly)

The Jones Crime Family is a gang in Grand Theft Auto: Danger Zone. They serve as the main antagonists during the final three chapters.


The Jones Crime Family was formed in 1980 by brothers RandallKenny & Corey Jones. Initially, the Jones Family was formed as a sort of vigilante group, to fight back against the sudden rise in crime levels in New Hamilton City in the 80's. However, instead they became a very powerful and notorious criminal syndicate. 

Events of Danger Zone

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