"You have the right to remain silent, Niddingham." - Joseph Harrington

Joseph Harrington
Joseph Harrington
Appearance(s): Grand Theft Auto: Guns of The Night
Also known as: Joe
Mr. Good
Harrington's Little Boy
Cop Hero
Status: Alive
Gender: Male
Date of birth: November 2, 1993 (age 25)
Place of birth: Strawberry, Los Santos
Home: Downtown Los Santos, Los Santos
Nationality: English/Italian
Family: Carter Harrington (father)
Leslie Harrington (mother)
Edward Harrington (brother)
Matthew Harrington (brother)
Anthony Harrington (brother)
Samantha Harrington (sister)
Louis Harrington (grandfather)
Victoria Harrington (grandmother)
Abraham Sanchella (grandfather)
Lisa Sanchella (grandmother)
Theodore Harrington (uncle)
Marissa Harrington-Burke (aunt)
Francis Burke (uncle)
Main affiliation: Los Santos Police Department
Vehicle(s): Tailgater
Voiced by: Tom Welling

Joseph Carter Harrington is the eldest son of Carter Harrington and Leslie Harrington and is one of the main deuteragonists in Carter's storyline and the Ultimate storyline in Grand Theft Auto: Guns of the Night. He is voiced and motion captured by Tom Welling.

Despite the fact that is father is a common criminal, he works on the other side of the law, as a police officer. Admittedly, he hates the fact that his father works in the world of crime, as he (Joseph), is trying to stop it. Eventually in the Ultimate storyline in GOTN, he sides with his father.

Early Life

Joseph was born on November 2, 1993 to filmmaker Carter Harrington and fashion designer Leslie Sanchella. He grew up in fame being known in the USA as "Harrington's Little Boy". That came to an end when he started to have siblings of his own.

In 2006, he found interest in becoming a police officer, but his father refused, informing that some things may go off bad. However, Joseph kept following his dreams. After he graduated from high school in 2011, he went to college and earned a bachelor's degree in criminal justice. In 2015, he graduated and was accepted into the LSPD Academy, much to his father's dismay. Carter reluctantly lets him become a police officer.

Life Today

Joseph is now known as Los Santos' "Cop Hero" or "Supercop." Joseph is now starting to realize what his father said about things going off bad, as his father is becoming a mad criminal, having a lust for money, in order to restore his movie business.


  • Joseph is 6'4''
  • Joseph was a fan of professional wrestling.
  • Joseph is a skilled hand-to-hand combatant.
  • Joseph is good in marksmanship.
  • Joseph, in his spare time, likes to play the drums.
  • Joseph was named after Carter's best friend, who died because of cardiac arrest the day before Joseph was born. Carter wanted his friend to become his son's godfather but instead named his child after him.
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