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Og det er derfor vi ikke driter med folk vi kjenner dritt om. (And this is why we don't fuck with people we know jack shit about)
―Katrina after killing someone.

Katrina Pedersen is Blake K. Johnson XIII's girlfriend (later wife) in Grand Theft Auto: Nexus City. She is also a playable character in certain missions and on free-roam mode.


Early Life

It was pretty shit. Until he showed up.
―Katrina describing her history.

Katrina was born on the 20th of January, 20432, to unnamed parents in Oslo, Norway. She moved to Nexus City at the age of 2, her mother having gotten a job opportunity there. While she lived in Nexus City alongside a certain Icelandic-Finnish Blake K. Johnson XIII, they never met until they were 17, and neither knew of the other's existence, despite their parents having met.

In 20442, when Katrina was 10, her mother was killed by a meth addict, in front of Katrina. This traumatic event mildly desensitized Katrina and led to her killing that same person as revenge, only 2 months later, while her father was in the hospital due to Acute Radiation Syndrome (ARS). Her father died in 20443 from aforementioned Acute Radiation Syndrome. After that, she was very depressed, believing nobody wanted her. She spent most of her days alone and waiting for death's cold embrace.

Meeting Blake

The guiding light that led me out of the dark.
―Katrina describing Blake.

In the Summer of 20449, a rather horribly injured Katrina was in Liberty City, on the Statue of Happiness, on her own, lamenting solemnly about her life up to that point and fearing for the worst. It was at that moment the aforementioned Blake K. Johnson XIII entered the area to look into Liberty City from Happiness Island, when he saw her, bruised, depressed and lonely. Blake attempted to ask why she was covered in bruises, but out of fear she broke down into tears and shouted at him to go away, as she had been assaulted by a gang no less than 1 hour ago. It was at that moment that 4 men entered the statue and tried to attack Katrina once more. Blake knew what had to be done, so he pulled out a taser and electrocuted 3 of the 4 men. One of them went for Katrina, and that pissed Blake off so much, he pushed that man out of the Statue of Happiness without a parachute. At that point, Katrina discovered what Blake did. She ran up to him and hugged him, still injured. Blake offered to take her back to his hotel room and she accepted. Upon arriving, they immediately began telling each other about themselves. After a few days of getting to know each other and going on dates, Katrina then confessed to Blake that she loves him, because he was the first person to make her feel appreciated. After she poured her heart out, Blake reciprocated those feelings and the two have been in a happy relationship ever since that fateful day. For the first time in 6 years, Katrina felt loved and appreciated. When their time to leave came, she chose to go with Blake and live very close to him. She also coincidentially met John, Jay and Skyler, who became like siblings to her.

Death & Rebirth

In 20452, Katrina nearly lost another loved one, this time being Blake. When he died (Dismemberment, disembowelment, pulmonary œdema, head split in half along the left eye), he was reanimated by a chip in his brain, and called her so she could pick him up. Confused as to why he left earlier, she arrived at "Fubar", only to see a disfigured and reanimated corpse getting into her car. She realized, to her horror, that this was none other than Blake Johnson. Upon arriving at the OPT Mansion, she entered without knocking, as noted by Kevin T. Johnson II, who thought it was unusual, and when she entered, Blake started explaining his disfigurement and collapsed, face first, onto the floor, in a puddle of his own blood. Blake died, yet again. Katrina believes the amount of tears she shed as a direct result of that to be almost 1 liter.

In the hospital, it was revealed that Blake needed a blood transfusion, and they wanted a compatible donor. Katrina obliged, knowing that her lover would come back to life. When the blood transfusion was finished, Katrina ended up dying, as she lost more blood than her physical heart could restore, despite some of Blake's own remaining blood (tainted with energy from the immortality chip) going into her body. Blake came back to life in a rather violent way, he coughed up a lot of blood (Half of what he received from Katrina), then got up so rapidly he disconnected himself from Life Support, almost killing him, all the while he was screaming insane amounts of profanity. He ran to Katrina's lifeless body and realized the horrible truth - Katrina had perished. Much to his dismay, he discovered that he could not cry, due to his tear ducts having been destroyed along with half of his body. So, in a bid to bring Katrina back to life he suggested using the immortality chip to restore Katrina. The chip worked, and Blake's chip was also repaired. Both were able to leave the hospital 4 days later, completely alive, although their bodies started to function differently. Their metabolisms started to slow down, hearts maintained consistent rate of 125BPM, eyesights became more powerful than even the most powerful space telescopes etc.

After Death and Rebirth

Encounter with murderers

In 20453, at the age of 21, Katrina was on a date with Blake, late at night, when 4 murderers crept up behind her and one of them sliced her back with a knife (Leaving a horrible gash that still persists to this day). Blake noticed and revealed a Smith & Wesson M&P15-22 SPORT Machine Gun with an extended magazine and bayonet. He used the bayonet to slice open the stomach of one of the murderers, and spill out their viscera. The other 3 went for Blake and started to cut him with daggers. Katrina saw the M&P15-22 on the ground, picked it up and started shooting at the murderers. 15 of the 22 bullets that were in the magazine hit one of the murderers, killing them.

The remaining 2 living murderers noticed that Katrina had the gun, and tried to tackle her, although a heavily cut-up Blake stopped them with a SPAS-15 Shotgun. The remaining 2 murderers were killed with a combination of lacerations from a bayonet and multiple gunshot wounds from a SPAS-15 and an M&P15-22 SPORT.

Nexus City

Katrina is at the hospital for her and Blake's monthly checkup, and then Blake's phone rings. She doesn't know what is going on, only that it made Blake run back to the hospital. When they got to the hospital room of Kevin T. Johnson II, only then she realizes that he is dying.



Katrina is a tall, exceptionally beautiful tan white female with dark purple eyes and black hair. Her height is 200cm (6'6.74") and her mass is 75kg (165.347lbs), being only slightly shorter and significantly heavier than Blake (205cm/6'8" & 60kg/132.277lbs). Being incredibly tall, she also towers over most of the characters (Except Blake Johnson and Aureus). This also leads to her being too tall to fit in a lot of places, much to her frustration.

While she often wears plain clothing, she wears formal attire when necessary. Unlike Blake, Katrina has excellent posture, and is not covered in abdominal wounds (Bar a horrific gash on her back). Katrina has the consistent scent of lavender, due to overapplying perfume. She has had the same basic appearance (except her back wound) since the age of 20, like her beloved, although appears much healthier due to her brief death only being blood loss, and not dissection. While she does appear mildly weak, she is actually incredibly strong, being capable of dual-wielding M134 Vulcan miniguns.

For biology, see Blake K. Johnson XIII as both bodies function identically. The only difference is that Katrina has higher stamina and can regenerate limbs in addition to flesh wounds.

Katrina's blood type is Rhnull, which is the Golden Blood type.


Katrina is a quiet and depressed semi-nihilist, like Blake. Both know that everyone whom they know and love, will eventually die, and believe there is no meaning to life. While both her and Blake are in mourning during the beginning of ARC 1, she disapproves of Blake's emerging alcoholism, and causes it to disappear when she moves in, by offering him an ultimatum (Her or Alcoholism, Blake chose her over alcoholism). However, in ARC 3, she is shown to have developed a habit of using cocaine to cope with the pain of losing her son, quite hypocritically.

Katrina loves Blake to such an extent that she was willing to risk his life for him. Those feelings stemmed from when they first met, as Blake was the first person to make her feel loved and appreciated. Her love for Blake is mutual, as she was the first person Blake truly felt at ease around. This implies that there is an aura of sorts around Katrina that allows people to feel at ease around her.

While she is depressed and quiet, she can be calculated, cold and violent when provoked. This aggravation even surprises Blake, who didn't know Katrina had the willpower to kill another human. She even helped kill Aron Kraff in the ARC 1 Epilogue, by joining in the firing squad. Katrina also appears to lack basic empathy towards anyone she sees as morally bankrupt. This extends to even Trevor Philips, whom she knew since she met Blake.

Katrina still has the ability to show fear. She is mildly afraid of Skyler, often worried that she might kill her, although Blake always reassures her that Skyler is perfectly harmless (at least to them). Katrina still fears her regardless. Other than just fear, Katrina is also quite emotional, as she often cries herself to sleep and is quite easy to anger, sadden or devastate.


Katrina owns a modified pearl black 20430 Deveste Thirty that she re-registered under the plate KP432ONO (KATRINA PEDERSEN 20432 OSLO NORWAY). She has had this car for 12 years, as of 20462. If the player (not playing as Blake) drives away in this car, they will get a message from Blake saying "Katrina knows what you have done. She is on the hunt for you. YOU BETTER RETURN THE FUCKING CAR BEFORE I START HUNTING FOR YOU TOO."

Before ARC 3, on the other hand, she upgrades to a heavily modified dark blue 20462 Deveste Fifty. This car is registered under the plate DN-329199 (Norwegian format registration) and bears a Norwegian flag on the lower left corner of the rear windshield.

Killed Victims

Before the start of the game

  • The person who killed her mother.
  • 4 crazed killers.


  • 100 Armed Epsilonists
  • Aron Kraff (Shared with Blake, John, Jay & Skyler)



  • When playing as Katrina, the light bar on the DualShock4 and DualSense controllers will light up neon blue. She also lacks her own unique special ability, instead sharing DEATHBRINGER with Blake.
  • Blake actually didn't realize Katrina was a killer until she shot one of the men who was stabbing him in cold blood.
  • While she discourages Blake's alcoholism, she develops a worse habit in ARC 3, which is cocaine.